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Recently acquired titles in the IIHS Library are available to readers to loan. Here is the list and these can be searched in the Library Catalogue as well.

February 2020

Sl. No. Author Title Publisher Year
Highlights of the Month
1 Annie Leibovitz A photographer’s life 1990-2005 Random House 2006
2 Markus Moos (ed.) A research agenda for housing Edward Elgar 2019
3 Emily Talen (ed.) A research agenda for new urbanism Edward Elgar 2019
4 Martin Jones Cities and regions in crisis: the political economy of sub-national economic development Edward Elgar 2019
5 Peter Karl Kresl and Daniele Letri Creating cities/ building cities architecture and urban competitiveness Edward Elgar 2017
6 Alejandro Boni and Melanie Walker Human development and capabilities: re-imagining the university of the twenty-first century Routledge 2013
7 Man Ray Man Ray: 1890-1976 Ludion Press 1948
8 Colin Turner Regional infrastructure systems Edward Elgar 2018
9 Richard E. Plant Spatial data analysis in ecology and agriculture using R (2nd ed.) CRC Press 2019
10 Michael Storper and others The rise and fall of urban economies: lessons from San Franscisco and Los Angeles Stanford Business Books 2015
1 Shivani Taneja and Ubitha Leela Unni A busy day Muskaan 2019
2 Samanth Subramanian A dominant character: the radical science and restless politics of J. B. S. Haldane Simon and Schuster 2019
3 Roland Barthes and Richard Howard (trans.) A lover’s discourse fragments Hill and Wang 2010
4 Barbara Oakley A mind for numbers: how to excel at math and science (even you flunked algebra) TarcherPerigee 2014
5 Ben Lambert A student’s guide to Bayesian statistics Sage Publications 2018
6 Susan Sontag Against interpretation and other essays Penguin Books Ltd. 2009
7 John Berger and Jean Mohr Another way of telling Vintage 1995
8 Mala L. Radhakrishnan and Mary O’Reilly Atomic romances, molecular dances: chemistry poetry [] 2011
9 Payal Kapadiya B. R. Ambedkar: saviour of the masses Puffin Books 2014
10 Imayam and Lakshmi Holmstrom (trans.) Beasts of burden Niyogi Books 2019
11 B. R. Ambedkar Beef, Brahmins and broken men: an annotated critical selection from the untouchables: who were they and why they became untouchables? Navayana Publishing Private Limited 2019
12 Anne Lamott Bird by bird Anchor Books 1994
13 Nira Yuval-Davis, Georgie Wemyss and Kathryn Cassidy Bordering Polity Press 2019
14 Aparna Jain Boys will be boys: inspiring stories fro smart kids Context 2019
15 Maheen Mirza and Shivani Taneja Buildng English vocabulary (1 – 6) Muskaan 2013
16 Nora Kenworthy, Ross MacKenzie, and Kelley Lee (eds.) Case studies on corporations and global health governance: impacts, influence and accountability Rowman and Littlefield 2016
17 Nirmala Rao Cities in transition: growth, change and governance in six metropolitan areas Routledge 2007
18 Ruskin Bond Confessions of a book lover Viking 2017
19 Emma Young Contemporary feminism and women’s short stories Edinburgh University Press 2019
20 Christopher E. Rodgers and others Contested common land: environmental governance past and present Earthscan | Routledge 2011
21 K. K. Ramamurthy Count your blessings and other stories: a collection of essays Select Books [2019]
22 Shivani Taneja and Saurabh Vashishtha Different worlds Muskaan 2019
23 Mallikarjun Angadi (ed.) Digital technologies and transformation in academic libraries (vol. 1 & 2) Shree Publishers and Distributors 2019
24 Scott Adams Dilbert turns 30: also features the top 50 Dilbert comics of the last decade! Andrews McMeel Publishing 2019
25 Meera Iyer Discovering Bengaluru: history  neighbourhood walks Intach Bengaluru Chapter 2019
26 Shamil Thakrar, Kavi Thakrar, and Naved Nasir Dishoom: from Bomay with love: cookery book and highly subjective guide to Bombay with map Bloomsbury Publishing 2019
27 Elliot Erwitt and P.G. Wodehouse Dog dogs Phaidon 2000
28 A. Satyanarayana Economic history of Karnataka: during pre colonial times (with special reference to the early Wodeyars of Mysore) Book India Publishing Co. 2006
29 Joan Fitzgerald Emerald cities: urban sustainability and economic development Oxford University Press 2010
30 Vaclav Smil Energy at the crossroads: global perspectives and uncertainities The MIT Press 2005
31 Vaclav Smil Energy myths and realities: bringing science to the energy policy debate The AEI Press 2010
32 David Elliott Energy, society and environment (2nd ed.) Routledge 1997
33 J. P. Evans Environmental governance Routledge 2012
34 Amanda Kennedy Environmental justice and land use conflict: the governance of mineral and gas resource development Earthscan | Routledge 2017
35 David Arnold Everyday technology: machines and the making of India’s modernity University of Chicago Press 2013
36 Meenu Thomas, Tanvi Bhat, and Priya Krishnan (trans.) Fakruddin’s fridge Tulika Publishers 2014
37 Pippa Mukherjee Flora of the southern western Ghats and Palnis: a field guide Niyogi Books 2016
38 David Furley From Aristotle to Augustine Routledge 1997
39 Thomas Hartmann and Tejo Spit (eds.) Frontiers of land and water governance in urban regions Routledge 2016
40 Chanchal Kumar Ghosh Ganga: an endless journey Niyogi Books 2019
41 Nicola Pratt and Sophie Richter-Devroe (eds.) Gender, governance and international security Routledge 2014
42 Mysore Horticutural Society Glass house: a jewel of Lalbagh Secretary, Mysore Horticutural Society, Lalbagh, Bangalore 1991
43 Michele Acuto Global cities, governance and diplomacy: the urban link Routledge 2013
44 Geoffrey B. Cockerham Global governance and public health: obstacles and opportunities Rowman and Littlefield 2018
45 Sirman Uikey and Maheen Mirza Going to school alone Muskaan 2019
46 Don Phares (ed.) Governing metropolitan regions in the 21st century Routledge 2009
47 Time-Life Books Inc. Great photographers (rev. ed.) Time-Life Books Inc. 1983
48 S. L. Bhairappa and L. V. Shanthakumari (trans.) Grihabhanga: a broken home Rupa Publications India Pvt. Ltd. 2019
49 Kanak Shashi Guthli can fly Muskaan 2019
50 Vaclav Smil Harvesting the biosphere: what we have taken from nature The MIT Press 2013
51 Takehito Takano (ed.) Healthy cities and urban policy research Routledge 2014
52 United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Human development report 2011: sustainibility and equity: a better future for all Fransisco Rodriquez and others 2011
53 Gerald G. Marten Human ecology: basic concepts for sustainable development Earthscan | Routledge 2001
54 Ubitha Leela Unni I have a bag Muskaan 2019
55 Kalpana Subramanian and Prashant Miranda If I lived in a tree house Little Lattitude Publishing Pvt. Ltd. [2019]
56 Sally Mann Immediate family Aperture 2014
57 Vijay Kelkar and Ajay Shah In service of the republic: the art and science of economic policy Penguin Random House India Pvt. Ltd. 2019
58 Khushwant Singh India: an introduction HarperCollins Publishers 2006
59 Sujata Patel and Omita Goyal (eds.) India’s contemporary urban conundrum Routledge 2019
60 Jenny M. Lewis and others Innovation in city governments: structure, networks, and leadership Routledge 2017
61 Pankaj Sekhsaria Instrumental lives: an intimate biography of an Indian laboratory Routledge 2019
62 A. N. Narasimha Murthy and R. Gopal Karnataka: a garden of architecture Directorate of Archaeology and Museums, Mysore 2010
63 Numa Gremling Leaflet cookbook: recipes for creating dynamic web maps Locate Press 2019
64 A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Learning how to fly: life lessons for the youth Rupa Publications India Pvt. Ltd. 2016
65 O. V. Vijayan (trans.) Legends of Khasak Penguin Random House India Pvt. Ltd. 1994
66 Gabriel Garcia Marquez Love in the time of Cholera Penguin Random House India Pvt. Ltd. 1989
67 Terry Gibson Making aid agencies work: reconnecting Ingos with the people they serve Emerald Publishing Ltd. 2019
68 Tim Hindle Making presentations Dorling Kindersley Publishing Pvt Ltd 1998
69 Tim Bunnell Malaysia, modernity and the multimedia super corridor: a critical geography of intellectual landscapes Routledge 2004
70 Krishna Ulke and others Mangoes Muskaan 2019
71 Arun Mohan Sukumar Midnight’s machines: a political history of technology in India Penguin Random House India Pvt. Ltd. 2019
72 Amit Ahuja Mobilizing the marginalized: ethnic parties without ethnic movements Oxford University Press 2019
73 ರೂಪ ಐಯ್ಯರ್ Modern ಅಧ್ಯಾತ್ಮ India Classic Arts 2016
74 Tasneem Amiruddin and Jannat Dhurve My chappals Muskaan 2019
75 H. C. Visvesvaraya (Chair.) National building code of India : part 6 structural design section 2 soils and foundations Bureau of Indian Standards 2005
76 H. C. Visvesvaraya (Chair.) National building code of India : part 8 building services section 1 lighting and ventilation Bureau of Indian Standards 2005
77 Unnamati Syama Sundar (ed.) No laughing matter: the Ambedkar cartoons : 1932-1956 Navayana Publishing Private Limited 2019
78 Dom Moraes and Mario Miranda Open eyes: a journey through Karnataka Lustre Press 2005
79 Noam Chomsky Optimism over despair: on capitalism, empire and social change Penguin Random House UK 2017
80 P. Thankappan Nair Origin of the Kolkata police Punthi Puskak 2007
81 S. L. Bhairappa and Sandeep Balakrishna (trans.) Orphaned Rupa Publications India Pvt. Ltd. 2019
82 Manjana and others Payal is lost Muskaan 2015
83 David Gouverneur Planning and design for future informal settlements: shaping the self-constructed city Earthscan | Routledge 2015
84 D. R. Gadgil Planning and economic policy in India Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics 1972
85 Stanley Carvalho (ed.) Playback sports: sports legends of Bangalore ATC Publishers 2019
86 Kancha Ilaiah Post Hindu India: a discourse on Dalit-Bahujan, socio-spiritual and scientific revolution Sage Publications 2009
87 Martha Farrell Foundation Prevention of sexual harassment at the workplace Hachette India 2019
88 Julie Cupples and Tom Slater (eds.) Producing and contesting urban marginality: interdisciplinary and comparative dialogues Rowman and Littlefield 2020
89 Madhusree Dutta, Kaushik Bhaumik, and Rohan Shivkumar (eds.) Project cinema city Tulika Books| Majlis| Foethe Institut 2013
90 Amandeep Sandhu Punjab: journeys through fault lines Westland Publications Pvt. Ltd. 2019
91 Roopa Pai Ready!: 99 must-have skills for the world-conquering teenager (and almost-teenager) Hachette India 2017
92 David Dewar, Alison Todes and Vanessa Watson Regional development and settlement policy: premises and prospects Routledge 1986
93 Praful Bidwai, Harbans Mukhia, and Achin Vanaik (eds.) Religion, religiosity and communalism Manohar Publishers and Distributors 1996
94 Alessio M. Pacces Rethinking corporate governance: the law and economics of control powers Routledge 2012
95 Karin Backstrand and Annica Kronsell (eds.) Rethinking the green state: environmental governance towards climate and sustainability transitions Routledge 2015
96 Vikram Sampath Savarkar: echoes from a forgotten past : 1883-1924 Penguin Random House India Pvt. Ltd. 2019
97 Sendhil Mullainathan and Eldar Shafir Scarcity: the true cost of not having enough Penguin Books 2013
98 Shivani Taneja and Ubitha Leela Unni Somaru misses home Muskaan 2019
99 Ubitha Leela Unni Sonam’s scary night Muskaan 2019
100 Andrew Hiller (ed.) Stephen Shore’s uncommon places: the complete works Aperture 2004
101 Alison Young Street art, public city: law, crime and the urban imagination Routledge 2014
102 Lucie Middlemiss Sustainable consumption: key issues Earthscan | Routledge 2018
103 Stephen Browne Sustainable development goals and UN goal-setting Routledge 2017
104 Barbara Norman Sustainable pathways for our cities and regions: planning within planetary boundaries Routledge 2018
105 David Spiegelhater The art of statistics: learning from data Penguin Books 2019
106 John Manley The atlas of past worlds: a comparative chronology of human history 2000BC – AD1500 Cassell 1993
107 Zdenek Felix (ed.) The best of Helmut Newton: selections from his photographic work Schirmer Art Books 1993
108 Abhay K The Bloomsbury anthology of great Indian poems Bloomsbury Publishing India Pvt. Ltd. 2020
109 Russell A. Olsen The coplete route 66: lost and found Voyageur Press 2008
110 The School of Life The emotionally intelligent office: 20 key emotional skills for the workplace The School of Life 2018
111 Malvika Singh and others The essence of Delhi: stories and essays Aleph Book Company 2019
112 Agni Sreedhar and Prathibha Nandakumar (trans.) The gangster’s Gita Eka 2019
113 Gabriel Garcia Marquez The general in his lybarinth Penguin Random House India Pvt. Ltd. 1991
114 Jamie Woodcock and Mark Graham The Gig economy: a critical introduction Polity Press 2020
115 Richard Stoneman The Greek experience of India: from Alexander to the Indo-Greeks Princeton University Press 2019
116 Jonathan Michie (ed.) The handbook of globalisation Edward Elgar 2019
117 George M. Moraes The Kadamba kula: a history of ancient and medieval Karnataka Asian Educational Services 1990
118 Deyan Sudjic The language of cities Penguin Random House UK 2016
119 A. J. Youngson The making of classical Edinburgh: 1750-1840 Edinburgh University Press 1966
120 Maheen Mirza and Sagar Kolwankar The new potter Muskaan 2019
121 Payal Arora The next billion users: digital life beyond the west Harvard University Press 2019
122 Tasvir Parmar and Swati Addanki The Pardhi rule Muskaan 2019
123 H. D. Sharma The real Tipu: a brief history of Tipu Sultan Rishi Publications 1991
124 Harsh Mander, Ashwin Paulkar, and Ankita Aggarwal (ed.) The right to food debates: social protection for food security in India Orient Blackswan 2018
125 Nithin Sridhar The Sabarimala confusion: menstruation across cultures: a historical perspective Vitasta Publishing Pvt. Ltd. 2019
126 Antonis Papatheodoulou The secret handbook of the blue circle IWA Publishing 2019
127 Elizabeth Kolbert The sixth extinction: an unnatural history Bloomsbury Publishing India Pvt. Ltd. 2015
128 Philip Oldfield The sustainable tall building: adesign primer Routledge 2019
129 Mala L. Radhakrishnan and Mary O’Reilly Thinking periodically: poetic life notions in Brownian motion [] 2018
130 Sandeep Balakrishna Tipu Sultan: the tyrant of Mysore Rare Publications 2013
131 Boaventura de Sousa Santos Toward a new legal common sense: law, globalization, and emancipation (2nd ed.) Butterworths| Lexis Nexis 2002
132 Margarette Lincoln Trading in war: London’s maritime world in the age of Cook and Nelson Yale University Press 2018
133 Bilbaras Parmar Trees and clouds Muskaan 2019
134 Larry Clark Tulsa Lustrum Press 1971
135 Alejandro Boni and Melanie Walker Universitis and global human development: theoretical and empirical insights for social change Routledge 2017
136 Tim Bunnell and Daniel P. S. Gph (eds.) Urban Asias: essays on futurity past and present Jovis 2018
137 Paul N. Balchin, David Isaac, and Jean Chen Urban economics: a global perspective Palgrave 2000
138 Peter Hall and Ulrich Pfeiffer Urban future 21: a global agenda for twenty-first century cities Taylor and Francis Group 2000
139 Richard Cahan and Michael Williams Vivian Maier: out of the shadows Cityfiles Press 2012
140 Leila Seth We the children of India: the preamble to our Consitution Puffin Books 2010
141 Gareth Southwell What would Marx do?: how the greatest political theorists would solve your everyday problems Cassell 2018
142 Noella Menon and Kavita Arvind When I grow up Little Lattitude Publishing Pvt. Ltd. 2014
143 Stephen Alter Wild Himalaya: a natural history of the greatest mountain range on Earth Aleph Book Company 2019
144 International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies World disaster report 1998 Oxford University Press 1998
145 सुमित्रा, दिव्या, और रिनचिन कामचोर डोकरा मुस्कान 2012
146 बिट्टू साहू और अर्जुन सिंह किन्द्रा धुप और पानी = Sun and water मुस्कान 2012
147 पापातु धुर्वे और सौम्य मेनन नया स्वेटर = the new sweater मुस्कान 2015
148 मुस्कान पढ़ो रखो श्रंखला (21 booklets) मुस्कान [2019]
149 मांजना और अन्य पायल खो गयी मुस्कान 2015
150 जैकी जकनोरे और कनक शशि बारिश का एक दिन मुस्कान 2007
151 ಹೀನ ಚತುರ್ವೇದಿ (ಸಂ.) ಇಬ್ಬರು ಸ್ನೇಹಿತರು ಮತ್ತು ಕರಡಿ (ನೀತಿ ಕಥೆಗಳು ) ವಾಸನ್ ಪಬ್ಲಿಕೇಷನ್ಸ್ [2018]
152 ಭಾರತೀಸುತ ಎಡಕಲ್ಲು ಗುಡ್ಡದ ಮೇಲೆ ಕನ್ನಡ ಮತ್ತು ಸಂಸ್ಕೃತಿ ನಿರ್ದೇಶನಾಲಯ [1985]
153 ರವಿ ಪಾಂಡವಪುರ ಕಥೆ ಹೇಳುವೆ ನನ್ನ : ಕೊಡಗಿನ ನೊಂದ ಹೃದಯಗಳು… ಮಿಡಿದ ಮನಗಳು ಅಭಿರುಚಿ ಪ್ರಕಾಶನ 2018
154 ಏನ್. ಶ್ರೀನಿವಾಸ ಉಡುಪ ಕುಂಭಕರ್ಣನ ನಿದ್ದೆ (ಮಕ್ಕಳ ಪದ್ಯಗಳು) ಅಂಕಿತ ಪುಸ್ತಕ 1996
155 ನವರತ್ನ ರಾಮರಾವ್ ಕೆಲವು ನೆನಪುಗಳು ವಿಶ್ವ ಕನ್ನಡ ಸಮ್ಮೇಳನ 1983
156 ಜಿ ಎ ನರಸಿಂಹಮೂರ್ತಿ ಕೋಳಿಯ ಸಾಹಸ (ಮಕ್ಕಳ ಕಥೆಗಳು) ಅಂಕಿತ ಪುಸ್ತಕ 1955
157 ಹೀನ ಚತುರ್ವೇದಿ (ಸಂ.) ತಂತ್ರಕ್ಕೆ ಪ್ರತಿತಂತ್ರ (ನೀತಿ ಕಥೆಗಳು ) ವಾಸನ್ ಪಬ್ಲಿಕೇಷನ್ಸ್ [2018]
158 ಗುರುಸಿದ್ದಯ್ಯ ಹಿರೇಮಠ ನವನೀತ ವಚನಗಳು ಅನುಷ್ಠಾನ ಪ್ರಕಾಶನ 2019
159 ವಿಲ್ಕೊ ಪಿಕ್ಟರ್ ಲೈಬ್ರೆರಿ ಪ್ರಖ್ಯಾತ ಪುರಾತನ ಕಥೆಗಳು (1 – 5) ಸಪ್ನ ಬುಕ್ ಹೌಸ್ 2011
160 ಜೋಗಿ (ಸಂ.) ಬಹುರೂಪಿ ಗಿರೀಶ್ ಕಾರ್ನಾಡ್ ಬಹುರೂಪಿ 2019
161 ಏನ್. ಎಸ್. ಲಕ್ಷ್ಮೀನಾರಾಯಣ ಭಟ್ಟ ಭಾಳ ಒಳ್ಳೆವ್ರ್ ನಮ ಮಿಸ್ಸು : ಮಕ್ಕಳ ಹಾಡುಗಳು ಅಂಕಿತ ಪುಸ್ತಕ 2005
162 ಸುಧಾ ಮೂರ್ತಿ ಮನದ ಮಾತು ಸಪ್ನ ಬುಕ್ ಹೌಸ್ 2005
163 ಬಿ. ಕಾ. ಮೂರ್ತಿಶ್ವರಯ್ಯ ಮಹಿಳೆ, ಸಮಾಜ, ಮತ್ತು ಕಾನೂನು ಸಪ್ನ ಬುಕ್ ಹೌಸ್ 2008
164 ದು. ನಿಂ. ಬೆಳಗಲಿ ಮುಲ್ಲಾ ನಸ್ರುದ್ದೀನ್ ನವಕರ್ನಾಟಕ ಪ್ರಕಾಶನ 1992
165 ಎ. ಎಸ್. ನಂಜುಂಡಸ್ವಾಮಿ ವಿಜಯನಗರದ ಇತಿಹಾಸ (ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ ಇತಿಹಾಸ ಮಾಲಿಕೆ) ಸಮಾಜ ಪುಸ್ತಕಾಲಯ 1970
166 ಮಾಸ್ಟರ್ ಹಿರಣ್ಣಯ್ಯ ಹಾಸ್ಯ-ಲಾಸ್ಯ ಸಪ್ನ ಬುಕ್ ಹೌಸ್ 2009
A-V Resources
1 Priya Thuvassery Coral woman: a woman’s love for the corals and her efforts to save them Public Service Broadcasting Trust 2019
2 Aparna Sanyal One Mustard seed: what keeps us from looking at death, or the dying, in the eye? Public Service Broadcasting Trust 2018
3 Uma Chakraborty Prison diaries Public Service Broadcasting Trust 2019
4 Mukul Haloi Tales from our childhood Mukul Haloi 2019
Cartographic Materials
1 Bangalore Development Authority Bangalore planning district no. 5: Revised comprehensive development plan – 2011 A. D. Bangalore Development Authority 1995
2 Shamil Thakrar, Kavi Thakrar, and Naved Nasir Some points of interest on a mostly reliable map of south Bombay Bloomsbury Publishing 2019
Journals & Article Highlights
1 “Over Time, the Market Will Demand This Information” Harvard Business Review, Jan – Feb 2020 Harvard Business Publishing 2020
2 Sanitation and User Charges in Indian Slums – Who Pays and How Does It Matter? Economic & Political Weekly, V.55, Issue 5 Sameeksha Trust 2020
3 Policy matrix for sustainable soil management and climate-resilient agriculture Current Science, V.118, Issue 2 Current Science Association 2020
4 THE UNTRANSLATED IN TRANSLATION Seminar, No. 726 Seminar Publications 2020
5 Lost in transition: Perspectives, processes and transformations in Periurbanizing India Cities, Vol 97 Elsevier 2020
6 Climate of Anxiety in the Sahel: Emigration in Xenophobic Times Public Culture, Vol 32, Issue 1 Duke University Press 2020
7 Special issue on global transitions of urban mobility and land use Land Use Policy, Vol 91 Elsevier 2020
8 Suitability of fecal sludge from composting toilets as feedstock for carbonization Journal of Water Sanitation and Hygiene for Development, Vol 9, Issue 4 IWA 2019
9 Relationship Between Health and Economic Growth in India Indian Journal of Human Development, Vol 13, Issue 3 Sage 2019
10 Education, Religion and Gender: The Sikh Kanya Mahavidyalaya in Punjab Contemporary Education Dialogue, Vol 17, Issue 1 Sage 2020
11 The missing dalit women in testimonies of #MeToo sexual violence: Learnings for social movements Contributions to Indian Sociology, Vol 54, Issue 1 Sage 2020
12 Foreign Direct Investment and Employment in Indian Manufacturing Industries The Indian Journal of Labour Economics, Vol 62, Issue 4 Springer 2019
13 Indian fiscal federalism: a study of factors affecting resource position of the state governments Journal of Social and Economic Development, Vol 21, Issue 2 Springer 2019
14 Special Issue: Globalisation of South Asian Medicines: Knowledge, Power, Structure and Sustainability Society and Culture in South Asia, Vol 6, Issue 1 Sage 2020
15 How a water trucking governance mechanism in the West Bank enhances equity and sustainability Waterlines, Vol 38, Issue 4 Practical Action Publishing 2019

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