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IIHS Library subscribes to the following 31 academic journals from some of the leading academic publishers Sage, Elsevier, Taylor & Francis, Duke University Press and other independent publishers. For the complete list of journals click the buttons below.

Academic Journals 2022

S.No. Title Publisher
1 Cities : the International Journal of Urban Policy and Planning Elsevier
2 Contemporary Education Dialogue Sage Publications
3 Contributions to Indian Sociology Sage Publications
4 Current Science Current Science Association
5 Economic and Political Weekly Economic & Political Weekly
6 Environment and Urbanization Sage Publications
7 Environment and Urbanization Asia Sage Publications
8 Harvard Business Review Harvard Business School Publishing
9 India Quarterly : A Journal of International Affairs Sage Publications
10 Indian Economic Review Springer
11 Indian Journal of Economics University of Allahabad
12 Indian Journal of Gender Studies Sage Publications
13 Indian Journal of Human Development Sage Publications
14 Indian Journal of Labour Economics Springer
15 Indian Journal of Regional Science Regional Science Association
16 Indian Railways Ministry of Railways
17 International Journal of Urban Sustainable Development Taylor & Francis
18 Journal of Landscape Architecture LA Journal Of Landscape Architecture
19 Journal of Resources, Energy and Development TERI Press
20 Journal of Social and Economic Development Springer
21 Journal of Water, Sanitation & Hygiene For Development IWA Publishing
22 Public Culture Duke University Press
23 Review of Development and Change Sage Publications
24 Seminar Seminar Publications
25 Society and Culture in South Asia Sage Publications
26 Sociological Bulletin Sage Publications
27 The Indian Economic & Social History Review Sage Publications
28 TOPOS : the International Review of Landscape Architecture and Urban Design Callway Verlag
29 Urban India National Institute of Urban Affairs
30 Urbanisation Sage Publications
31 Waterlines Practical Action