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Recently acquired titles in the IIHS Library are available to readers to loan. Here is the list and these can be searched in the Library Catalogue as well.

Sl. No. Author Title Publisher Year
Highlights of the Month
1 Seema Purushothaman and Rosa Abraham (eds.) Livelihood strategies in southern India: conservation and poverty reduction in forest fringes Springer 2013
2 Robert Brinkmann and Sandra J. Garren (eds.) Palgrave handbook of sustainability: case studies and practical solutions Palgrave Macmillan 2018
3 Vineetha Nalla and Nihal Ranjit (eds.); Swathi Alse; Yashodara Udupa, Mythili Madhavan, Jasmitha Arvind, Garima Jain and Teja Malladi Piragu : Indiayavil irundhu perazhivu aapathu mattrum meetppu pattriya varaikalai kadhaigal Indian Institute for Human Settlements 2022
4 Lisa Fletcher (ed.) Popular fiction and spatiality: reading genre settings Palgrave Macmillan 2016
5 Setha Low, Dana Taplin and Suzanne Scheld Rethinking urban parks: public space and cultural diversity The University of Texas Press 2005
6 Latha Poornamallee, Joanne Scillitoe and Simy Joy (eds.) Socio-tec innovation: harnessing technology for social good Palgrave Macmillan 2020
7 Bryce Clayton Newell, Tjerk Timan and Bert-Jaap Koops (eds.) Surveillance, privacy and public space Routledge 2020
8 Ellen Hoffmann and others (eds.) The rural-urban interface: an interdisciplinary research approach to urbanisation processes around the Indian megacity Bengaluru Springer 2021
9 Govind Gopakumar Transforming urban water supplies in India: the role of reform and partnerships in globalization Routledge 2012
10 Chandan Deuskar Urban planning in a world of informal politics University of Pennsylvania Press 2023
1 Kartik Hosanagar A human’s guide to machine intelligence: how algorithms are shaping our lives and how we can stay in control Portfolio | Penguin 2019
2 Frederick Backman A man called Ove Sceptre 2015
3 Álvaro Sevilla-Buitrago Against the commons : a radical history of urban planning University of Minnesota Press 2022
4 Bharat Jayram Venkat At the limits of cure Duke University Press 2021
5 Suresh Jayaram Bangalore’s Lalbagh: A Chronicle of the Garden and the City Visual Arts Collective Trust (VAC) 2021
6 Uma Krishnaswami Book uncle and me Scholastic 2012
7 Chii Akporji and others Cities alliance: cities without slums: 2009 annual report: building cities and citizenship Cities Alliance 2009
8 Disha Publication Crack UPSC CSAT Civil Services Aptitude Test: IAS Prelims Paper 2 with 3 Mock Tests (9th ed.) Disha Publication 2022
9 Saurabh Kirpal Fifteen judgments: cases that shaped India’s financial landscape Vintage 2022
10 Aniruddha Mahale Get out : the gay man’s guide to coming out and going out HarperCollins Publishers India 2022
11 Joanne Penn How to write non-fiction: turn your knowledge into words Curl Up 2018
12 Kariccān̲ Kuñcu and Sudha G. Tilak (trans.) Hungry humans Penguin/Viking 2022
13 Mehdi Saajid and Mohammad Sibghatullah Khan Hyderabad: Deccan illustrated (2nd ed.) The Deccan Archive| 8Bit Rabbit Studio 2022
14 V. Raghunathan Irrationally rational : ten nobel laureates : script the story of behavioural economics Penguin/Viking 2022
15 Tsuyoshi Sekihara, Richard McCarthy, and Kathleen Finlay Kuni : a Japanese vision and practice for urban-rural reconnection North Atlantic Books 2022
16 Rohan J. Alva Liberty after freedom : a history of Article 21, Due process and the Constitution of India HarperCollins Publishers India 2022
17 Maharashtra Forest Department Living with Leopards: stories of human-animal coexistence Maharashtra Forest Department 2022
18 Madhumita Dutta Mobile Girls Koottam : working women speak Zubaan 2021
19 Krishna Bose and Sumantra Bose (ed. & trans.) Netaji: Subhas Chandra Bose’s life, politics and struggle Picador India 2022
20 Jeffrey Archer Next in line Harper Collins 2022
21 Mike Raco and Federico Savini (eds.) Planning and knowledge: how new forms of technocracy are shaping contemporary cities Policy Press 2019
22 Raḥmān ʻAbbās and Sabika Abbas Naqvi (trans.) Rohzin Vintage 2022
23 Caroline Holland and others Social interactions in urban public spaces Joseph Rowntree Foundation 2007
24 Paul Strathern Ten cities that led the world : from ancient metropolis to modern megacity Hodder & Stoughton 2022
25 Ruth Ozeki The book of form and emptiness Canongate Books 2021
26 Dorianne Laux The book of men poems W. W. Norton 2011
27 Jhumpa Lahiri The clothing of books Penguin 2017
28 K. Raju (ed.) The Dalit Truth : the battles for realizing Ambedkar’s vision Vintage 2022
29 W. Timothy Gallway The inner game of tennis: the ultimate guide to the mental side of peak performance Pan Books Ltd. 2015
30 Oded Galor The journey of humanity : the origins of wealth and inequality The Bodley Head 2022
31 Sudha Madhavan The king who turned into a serpent: and other thrilling tales of royalty from Indian mythology Hachette India 2022
32 Frederick Schauer The proof: uses of evidence in law, politics, and everything else The Belknap Press 2022
33 Markus Konrad Brunnermeier The resilient society : economics after Covid Harper Business 2022
34 Sanjeev Routray The right to be counted : the urban poor and the politics of resettlement in Delhi Stanford University Press 2022
35 Shailaja Paik The Vulgarity of Caste Dalits, Sexuality, and Humanity in Modern India Stanford University Press 2022
36 Barkha Dutt To hell and back : humans of COVID Juggernaut Books 2022
37 Mala Kumar Up the mountains of India : a fun, fact-filled trek across the country’s major ranges Hachette India 2022
38 Paul Kalanithi When breath becomes air Random House 2016
39 Durjoy Datta When only love remains Penguin Metro Reads 2014
40 Zac Sangeet World history in 3 points Hachette India 2022
41 Madhav Gadgil and Ramachandra Guha Yeh darakti zameen: Bhaarat kaa paaristhitik itihaas Oxford University Press 2018
42 कैलाश सत्यार्थी तुम पहले क्यों नहीं आये: गुलामी से छूटे बच्चों के नवजीवन की सत्यकथाएं राजकमल 2022
43 महीन मिर्जा और अन्य फूल भी, चिंगारी भी: ताकत और प्रतिरोध की कहानियाँ योनिक हिंसा और राजकीय दमन के खिलाफ महिलायें 2021
44 माया यादव और अन्य बस्ती में बाढ़ माया यादव और अन्य [1996]
Journals & Article Highlights
1 Employers Can Do More to Advance Health Equity Harvard Business Review, January – February 2023 Harvard Business Publishing 2023
2 The Urgent Need for Actionable and Comprehensive Data Protection Legislation in India Economic & Political Weekly, V.57, No. 53 Sameeksha Trust 2022
3 Set cover model-based optimum location of electric vehicle charging stations Current Science, V.123, Issue 12 Current Science Association 2022
4 WOMEN IN SCIENCE a symposium on the year that was Seminar, No. 761 Seminar Publications 2023
5 Green Magic: On Technologies of Enchantment at Apple’s Corporate Headquarters Public Culture, Vol 34, Issue 2 Duke University Press 2022
6 Access to handwashing with soap facility: a post-sensitisation investigation of drivers Journal of Water Sanitation and Hygiene for Development, Vol 12, Issue 12 IWA 2022
7 Exploring Reasons for Low Female Labour Force Participation in Regular Salaried Jobs: Evidence from Young Lives Longitudinal Study in India Indian Journal of Human Development, Vol 16, Issue 2 Sage 2022
8 Holding the State Accountable: Feminising Work and Responsibility Sociological Bulletin, Vol 71, Issue 1 Sage 2023
9 Food Security and Psychological Distress among the Elderly in India Review of Development and Change, Vol 27, Issue 2 Sage 2022
10 A Place Called Home: The Sense of Belonging of the Afghan Hindu and Sikh Diaspora in India India Quarterly: A Journal of International Affairs, Vol 78, Issue 4 Sage 2022
11 Urbanization against ecologically sensitive areas: effects of land use activities on surface water bodies in the Kumasi Metropolis International Journal of Urban Sustainable Development, Vol 15, Issue 1 Taylor & Francis 2022
12 The Construction of Legality in Everyday Practices of Planning Planning Theory, Vol 21, Issue 4 Sage 2022
13 Contending claims and uses of land: Unpacking the trajectory of a mortgage in Thane The Indian Economic & Social History Review, Vol 59, Issue 3 Sage 2022

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