Past Arrivals 2022

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Recently acquired titles in the IIHS Library are available to readers to loan. Here is the list and these can be searched in the Library Catalogue as well.

Sl. No. Author Title Publisher Year
Highlights of the Month
1 Carol R. Ember, Melvin R. Ember and Peter N. Peregrine Anthropology (15th ed.) Pearson 2021
2 Prakash Kashwan (ed.) Climate justice in India Cambridge University Press 2022
3 Maya Sharma Foot-prints of a queer history: life stories from gujarat Yoda Press 2022
4 Peter Hall Great planning disasters (California Series in Urban Development, 1) University of California Press 1980
5 Yuen Yuen Ang How China escaped the poverty trap Cornell University Press 2016
6 Lisa Bjorkman Pipe Politics, Contested Waters: Embedded Infrastructures of Millennial Mumbai Duke University Press 2015
7 Judith Stein Pivotal decade: how the United States traded factories for finance in the seventies Yale University Press 2010
8 Deborah Lupton The Quantified Self Polity 2016
9 Steven Pinker The Sense of Style: The Thinking Person’s Guide to Writing in the 21st Century Penguin Books 2015
10 Giulio Boccaletti Water: a biography Pantheon Books 2021
1 Rajiv Ahir and others A brief history of modern India Spectrum Books 2022
2 Akkai Padmashali A Small Step In A Long Journey: A Memoir By Akkai Padmashali Zubaan 2022
3 Meena Arora Nayak Adbhut: marvellous creatures of Indian myth and folklore Aleph Book Company 2022
4 Ken Spillman Advaita: the writer Tulika 2011
5 Salim Yusufji (ed.) Ambedkar: the attendant details Navayana 2017
6 Yogesh Maitreya and Nidhin Shobhana B. R. Ambedkar: a life in books Pratham Books 2021
7 Suryakant Waghmore and Hugo Gorringe (eds.) Civility in crisis: democracy, equality and the majoritarian challenge in India Routledge 2022
8 M. Mukundan Delhi: novel (Malayalam) DC Books 2018
9 Karthika Nair and others Earth our home: poems of climate change Pratham Books 2021
10 Sudha Murty Gently falls the Bakula Penguin Books 2008
11 M. Laxmikanth Governance in India: for civil services preliminary (GS-I) and main (GS-II) examinations (3rd ed.) Tata McGraw Hill Education (India) Pvt. Ltd, 2021
12 Gopinath Mohanty Harijan : a novel Aleph Book Company 2021
13 Nitin Singhania Indian Art and Culture: for civil services and other competitive examinations (4th ed.) Tata McGraw Hill Education (India) Pvt. Ltd, 2022
14 Ramesh Singh Indian Economy: for civil services and other competitive examinations (14th ed.) Tata McGraw Hill Education (India) Pvt. Ltd, 2022
15 NG Wun Jern Industrial wastewater treatment Imperial College Press 2020
16 B. Mahadevan, Vinayak Rajat Bhat, Nagendra Pavana Introduction To Indian Knowledge System: Concepts and Applications PHI Learning 2022
17 Shobha Tharoor Srinivasan It’s time to rhyme: poems for kids of all ages Aleph Book Company 2022
18 Bhalchandra Nemade Kosla (Marathi novel) Popular Prakashan 2013
19 Sudha Murty Mahashweta Penguin Books 2007
20 Tulasi Ram Murdahiya (Hindi) Rajkamal Prakashan 2010
21 Premanand Gajvee; Shanta Gokhale and M. D. Hatkanangalekar (trans.) Strengths of our wrists: three plays Navayana 2013
22 Anisha Jayadevan and others The living museum Foundation for Ecological Research Advocacy and Learning, Bengaluru 2022
23 Jayati Ghosh The making of a catastrophe: the disastrous economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic in India Aleph Book Company 2022
24 Khalid Jawed and Baran Farooqi The paradise of food Juggernaut 2022
25 Prakash Singh The struggle for police reforms in India : ruler’s police to people’s police Rupa Publications India 2022
26 Sowmya Rajendran and Arun Kaishik Wings to fly Tulika 2015
Journals & Article Highlights
1 Moving the Needle on Sustainability Harvard Business Review, November- December 2022 Harvard Business Publishing 2022
2 Exchange Rate Pass-through in India Economic & Political Weekly, V.57, No. 49 Sameeksha Trust 2022
3 Irrigation water policies for sustainable groundwater management in irrigated north­western plains of India Current Science, V.123, Issue 4 Current Science Association 2022
4 WOMEN IN SCIENCE a symposium on changing dynamics in equity, inclusion, institutions, and innovation Seminar, No. 760 Seminar Publications 2022
5 Neighborhood effect of geographical distribution of urban facilities on older adults’ participation in hobby and sports groups Cities, Vol 131 Elsevier 2022
6 Disclosure by Design: What Leaks Produce Public Culture, Vol 34, Issue 2 Duke University Press 2022
7 Increasing latrine sales among poor households in rural Cambodia using targeted subsidies: a randomized control trial Journal of Water Sanitation and Hygiene for Development, Vol 12, Issue 11 IWA 2022
8 Gender Discrimination in Infant and Young Child Feeding Practices in India: Evidence from NFHS-4 Indian Journal of Human Development, Vol 16, Issue 2 Sage 2022
9 Contemporary Farmer’s Movements in India: Hybrid Political Agenda and Modernisation of Protests Sociological Bulletin, Vol 71, Issue 4 Sage 2022
10 Food Security and Psychological Distress among the Elderly in India Review of Development and Change, Vol 27, Issue 2 Sage 2022
11 Russia Returns to the Indian Ocean: Exploring the Expanding Strategic Presence India Quarterly: A Journal of International Affairs, Vol 78, Issue 3 Sage 2022
12 The changing role of employment and alternative income sources among the urban poor: a systematic literature review International Journal of Urban Sustainable Development, Vol 14, Issue 1 Taylor & Francis 2022
13 The Construction of Legality in Everyday Practices of Planning Planning Theory, Vol 21, Issue 4 Sage 2022
14 Contending claims and uses of land: Unpacking the trajectory of a mortgage in Thane The Indian Economic & Social History Review, Vol 59, Issue 4 Sage 2022
Sl. No. Author Title Publisher Year
Highlights of the Month
1 Sanjoy Chakravorty and Neelanjan Sircar (eds.) Colossus : the anatomy of Delhi Cambridge University Press 2021
2 Arun Agrawal Environmentality: Technologies of Government and the Making of Subjects (New Ecologies for the Twenty-First Century) Duke University Press 2005
3 Sunita Narain and others Excreta Matters 71 cities: a survey Centre for Science and Environment 2012
4 K P Girija Mapping the history of Ayurveda Routledge 2022
5 Robert D. Yaro, Ming Zhang and Frederick R. Steiner Megaregions and America’s Future Lincoln Institute of Land Policy 2022
6 Sanjoy Chakravorty and Amitendu Palit (eds.) Seeking middle ground: land, markets and public policy Oxford University Press 2019
7 Pat Shipman Taking Wing: Archaeopteryx and the Evolution of Bird Flight Touchstone 1998
8 A. Kalaiyarasan and M. Vijayabaskar The Dravidian model : interpreting the political economy of Tamil Nadu Cambridge University Press 2021
9 Rosa Maria Perez and Lina M. Fruzzetti (eds.) Transdisciplinary ethnography in India: women in the field Routledge 2022
10 Slavoj Zizek Violence: six sideways reflection Profile Books 2009
1 David Davidar (ed.) A case of Indian marvels: dazzling stories from the country’s finest new writers Aleph Book Company 2022
2 Shashi Tharoor Ambedkar: a life Aleph Book Company 2022
3 Roopa Pai Cubbon Park: the great heart of Bengaluru Speaking Tiger 2022
4 P. N. Singh and Neeraj Kumar Employee Relations Management Pearson 2011
5 Leo Hamalian, Edmond L. Volpe Great stories by Nobel Prize winners Rupa 1993
6 Swati Dhir and Suparna Pal Human Resource Analytics: Theory and Application Technique Cengage 2021
7 Nachiket Chanchani India’s composite heritage: a workbook for children and parents Aleph Book Company 2022
8 Dan Cryan, Sharron Shatil and Piero Introducing capitalism : a graphic guide Icon Books Ltd 2013
9 Ziauddin Sardar and Borin Van Loon Introducing Cultural Studies: A Graphic Guide (Graphic Guides) Icon Books Ltd. 2010
10 Rupert Woodfin and Oscar Zarate Introducing Marxism : a graphic guide Icon Books Ltd 2013
11 Gītā Rāmasvāmi Land, guns, caste, woman : the memoir of a lapsed revolutionary Navayana 2022
12 Chitra Soundar Mangoes, Mischief, and Tales of Friendship: Stories from India (Chitra Soundar’s Stories from India) Candlewick Press 2021
13 Katherine Mayo and Bhagirath (trans.) Mother India (Hindi) Samyak Prakashan 2019
14 Moulana Abul Kalam Azad Qaul-E-Faisal (Hindi) Setu Prakashan Pvt. Ltd. 2022
15 Dr. R.K. Bangia The law of torts Allahabad Law agency 2022
16 Jalalul Haq The Shudra : a philosophical narrative of Indian super humanism Navayana 2021
Journals & Article Highlights
1 Moving the Needle on Sustainability Harvard Business Review, November- December 2022 Harvard Business Publishing 2022
2 Challenges of Persons with Severity of Disabilities – Evidence from the Indian Labour Market Economic & Political Weekly, V.57, No. 44-45 Sameeksha Trust 2022
3 A refined procedure for seismic evaluation and retrofitting of reinforced concrete buildings Current Science, V.123, Issue 8 Current Science Association 2022
4 THE PAST AS PRESENT:a symposium on historical representations in Indian cinema Seminar, No. 759 Seminar Publications 2022
5 Water pollution reduction for sustainable urban development using machine learning techniques Cities, Vol 130 Elsevier 2022
6 Disclosure by Design: What Leaks Produce Public Culture, Vol 34, Issue 2 Duke University Press 2022
7 Effect of peracetic acid–ultraviolet combination treatment on microbial and endotoxin levels in a pharmaceutical water system Journal of Water Sanitation and Hygiene for Development, Vol 12, Issue 10 IWA 2022
8 Gender Discrimination in Infant and Young Child Feeding Practices in India: Evidence from NFHS-4 Indian Journal of Human Development, Vol 16, Issue 2 Sage 2022
9 Agriculture and New Farm Laws in India: A Study of Probable Impacts on Marginal and Small Farmers Sociological Bulletin, Vol 71, Issue 4 Sage 2022
10 Differences in Pre- and Post-Natal Expenditure across Female- and Male- Headed Households in India: A Non-Parametric Analysis Review of Development and Change, Vol 27, Issue 1 Sage 2022
11 Prospects and Implications of Turkish–Egyptian Reconciliation India Quarterly: A Journal of International Affairs, Vol 78, Issue 3 Sage 2022
12 In the garden: capacities that contribute to community groups establishing community gardens International Journal of Urban Sustainable Development, Vol 14, Issue 1 Taylor & Francis 2022
13 The Construction of Legality in Everyday Practices of Planning Planning Theory, Vol 21, Issue 4 Sage 2022
14 Literary and religious history from the middle: Merchants and bhakti in early modern North India The Indian Economic & Social History Review, Vol 59, Issue 3 Sage 2022
Sl. No. Author Title Publisher Year
Highlights of the Month
1 Victor Seow Carbon technocracy energy regimes in modern east Asia University of Chicago Press 2022
2 Ihnji Jon Cities in the Anthropocene: new ecology and urban politics Pluto Press 2021
3 Seth Schindler, Simin Fadaee and Dan Brockington (eds.) Contemporary megaprojects: organization, vision, and resistance in the 21st century Berghahn Books 2021
4 Colin McFarlane Fragments of the city: making and remaking urban worlds University of California Press 2021
5 Dipesh Chakrabarty Habitations of modernity: essays in the wake of subaltern studies The University of Chicago Press 2002
6 Nicholas B. Breyfogle and Mark Sokolsky (eds.) Readings in water history (1st ed.) Cognella Academic Publishing 2021
7 Ramya Reddy Soul of the Nilgiris: a journey through the mountains 2018
8 T. V. Somanathan and Gulzar Natarajan State capability in India Oxford University Press 2022
9 Fiona Nunan, Clare Barnes and Sukanya Krishnamurthy (eds.) The Routledge handbook on livelihoods in the global south Routledge 2023
10 Kristian Karlo Saguin Urban ecologies on the edge: making manila’s resource frontier University of California Press 2022
1 Shrinivas Vaidya A handful of sesame Manipal University Press 2018
2 Jonathan A. Schwabish Better presentations: a guide for scholars, researchers, and wonks Columbia Unibersity Press 2017
3 The Indian Institute of Wolrd Culture Celebrating 75 years of world culture The Indian Institute of World Culture 2021
4 V. Sriram Chennai: a biography Aleph Book Company 2021
5 Hong Liang and Emily Goedde (trans.) China in one village: the story of one town and the changing world Verso 2021
6 Pavani Clever Kalyani (original story in Telegu) Learn Through Stories Foundation 2022
7 Shrayana Bhattacharya Desperately seeking Shah Rukh: India’s lonely young women and the search for intimacy and independence Harper Collins 2021
8 Aditi De and others Eleven stops to the present: stories of Bengaluru INTACH Bengaluru Chapter 2020
9 J. P. Ramesh Kumar and R. Subramani Eraseshwara (original story in Telegu) Learn Through Stories Foundation 2022
10 Soibam Haripriya (ed.) Homewards: towards a poetics of space Zubaan 2022
11 Kavitha Ranganathan Impactful data visualization: hide and seek with graphs Sage 2022
12 Nachiket Chanchani India’s composite heritage: a workbook for children and parents Aleph Book Company 2022
13 Jay Satia and others (eds.) Innovations in family planning: case studies from India Sage 2016
14 Nikita Thakur Khichdi (original story in Pahadi) Learn Through Stories Foundation 2022
15 Alka Hingorani and Ruchi Shah (trans.) Matka Learn Through Stories Foundation 2022
16 Deepti Ganapathy Media and climate change: making sense of press narratives Routledge 2022
17 Charlotte McConaghy Migrations Vintage 2021
18 K. A. Manikumar Murder in Mudukulathur: caste and electoral politics in Tamil Nādu Leftword 2017
19 Vidya Krishnan Phantom plague: how tuberculosis shaped history Viking 2022
20 Renu Kapoor and Anita Jain Rachna Sagar CBSE class 9 social science solved question bank & practice papers (chapter wise & topic wise) exam 2023 Rachna Sagar 2001
21 Sangeetha, Sandhya and Pavithra Rokuuroo: why does the rooster crow? (Original story in Telegu) Learn Through Stories Foundation 2022
22 Nick Bostrom Superintelligence: paths, dangers, strategies Oxford University Press 2016
23 Neal Stephenson Termination shock Borough Press 2021
24 Jonathan Weiner The beak of the finch Vintage 2014
25 M. Murali and S. Yallamma The blue magic box Learn Through Stories Foundation 2022
26 Akshay Vahedha The boy and the calf (original story in Warli) Learn Through Stories Foundation 2022
27 Charlie Mackesy The boy, the mole, the fox, and the horse Ebury Press 2019
28 A. Arunachalam and V. Prem Kumar The circus Learn Through Stories Foundation 2022
29 Gangothri and Nirmala The crazy monkey (original story in Telegu) Learn Through Stories Foundation 2022
30 Alka Hingorani and Aarti Latkar (trans.) The monkey and the king Learn Through Stories Foundation 2022
31 Alka Hingorani, Aarti Latkar and Ruchi Shah (trans.) The monster and the little boy (blue) Learn Through Stories Foundation 2022
32 Alka Hingorani and Shachii Manik (trans.) The monster and the little boy (green) Learn Through Stories Foundation 2022
33 Shepherd, N. and others The role of cultural and natural heritage for climate action: a white paper commissioned for the international co-sponsored meeting on culture, heritage, and climate change ICOMOS and ICSM CHC 2022
34 Jonathan Stroud The screaming staircase Lockwood & Co. 2014
35 Thomas Piketty Time for socialism: dispatches from a world on fire, 2016-2021 Yale University Press 2021
36 Neethi P. and Anant Kamat Urban undesirables: city transition and street-based sex work in Bangalore Cambridge University Press 2022
Journals & Article Highlights
1 How to Digitalize Your Sales Organization Harvard Business Review, September- October 2022 Harvard Business Publishing 2022
2 Impact of Lockdown on Employment and Earnings Economic & Political Weekly, V.57, No. 40 Sameeksha Trust 2022
3 Exploring the forest and mapping its archaeology: Bandhavgarh National Park and Tiger Reserve, India Current Science, V.123, Issue 6 Current Science Association 2022
4 Exporing Muslim India: a symposium on
Islamic presence in New India
Seminar, No. 758 Seminar Publications 2022
5 Investigating temporal dynamics of urban densification on the buried water infrastructure performance Cities, Vol 129 Elsevier 2022
6 Disclosure by Design: What Leaks Produce Public Culture, Vol 34, Issue 2 Duke University Press 2022
7 Water, sanitation, and hygiene conditions in schools in Antalya in Turkey: a descriptive survey Journal of Water Sanitation and Hygiene for Development, Vol 12, Issue 9 IWA 2022
8 Inequality and Inclusive Development: Evidence from Selected Indian States Indian Journal of Human Development, Vol 16, Issue 1 Sage 2022
9 Agriculture and New Farm Laws in India: A Study of Probable Impacts on Marginal and Small Farmers Sociological Bulletin, Vol 71, Issue 4 Sage 2022
10 Differences in Pre- and Post-Natal Expenditure across Female- and Male- Headed Households in India: A Non-Parametric Analysis Review of Development and Change, Vol 27, Issue 1 Sage 2022
11 Russia Returns to the Indian Ocean: Exploring the Expanding Strategic Presence India Quarterly: A Journal of International Affairs, Vol 78, Issue 3 Sage 2022
12 The changing role of employment and alternative income sources among the urban poor: a systematic literature review International Journal of Urban Sustainable Development, Vol 14, Issue 1 Taylor & Francis 2022
13 Model-theory interaction in urban planning: A critical review Planning Theory, Vol 21, Issue 3 Sage 2022
14 Nīlakaṇṭha Dīkṣita: An independent poet of the Kaveri delta, or: The forgotten model of genealogical authorship The Indian Economic & Social History Review, Vol 59, Issue 3 Sage 2022
Sl. No. Author Title Publisher Year
Highlights of the Month
1 Paolo Cardullo Citizens in the ‘smart city’ : participation, co-production, governance Routledge 2021
2 Paula J Clarke and others Developing reading comprehension Wiley-Blackwell 2014
3 Takashiro Akitsu Environmental science : society, nature, and technology Pan Stanford Publishing 2019
4 Nikiforos T Laopodis Financial Economics and Econometrics Routledge 2022
5 Jonathan Crush, Bruce Frayne and Gareth Haysom Handbook on urban food security in the global south Edward Elgar Publishing 2020
6 Joseph M Juran and others Juran’s quality handbook : the complete guide to performance excellence McGraw-Hill Education 2017
7 Raju J. Das Political economy of new India: critical essays Routledge 2021
8 Katarina Svitkova Resilience and Urban Governance: Securing Cities (Routledge Studies in Resilience) Routledge 2022
9 Margaret Robertson Sustainability principles and practice Routledge 2021
10 Clare Kinsella Urban regeneration and neoliberalism : the new Liverpool home Routledge 2021
1 Bijal Vachharajani & Radha Rangarajan 10 Indian champions who are fighting to save the planet Duckbill 2020
2 Isabel Allende A long petal of the sea Bloomsbury Publishing 2020
3 Karen Jennings An island Picador India 2021
4 Patricia Uberoi, Nandini Sundar and Satish Deshpande (eds.) Anthropology in the East: founders of Indian sociology and anthropology Permanent Black 2007
5 Lisa Björkman (ed.) Bombay Brokers Duke University Press 2021
6 Anuranjita Kumar Can I have it all?: trials and triumphs in a woman’s journey through the corporate landscape Bloomsbury Publishing India Pvt. Ltd. 2015
7 Sanjeev Sahota China room Hamish Hamilton 2021
8 Jonathan Parry and Ajay T. G. Classes of labour : work and life in a central Indian steel town Social Science Press 2019
9 Leena Sen Communication skills (2nd ed.) PHI Learning 2007
10 Vrinda Datta and Rajanin M. Konantambagi (eds.) Day care for young children in India: issues and prospects Concept Publishing Company Pvt. Ltd. 2007
11 Mark Bevir, Kim McKee and Peter Matthews (eds.) Decentring Urban Governance: Narratives, Resistance and Contestation (Routledge Studies in Governance and Public Policy) Routledge 2019
12 Edited by  Vikas Gupta, Rama Kant Agnihotri, Minati Panda Education and inequality: Historical and contemporary trajectories Orient Blackswan 2021
13 Seth Stephens-Davidowitz Everybody lies: what the Internet can tell us about who we really are Bloomsbury 2018
14 Anthony Bourdain, Joel Rose and Langdon Foss Get Jiro! Penguin 2013
15 Andreas Malm How to blow up a pipeline: learning to fight in a world on fire Verso 2021
16 Lee McIntyre How to talk to a science denier conversations with flat earthers, climate deniers, and others who defy reason The MIT Press 2021
17 Himadri Panda Integrated organic farming handbook Asia Pacific Business Press Inc. 2013
18 Peregrine Schwartz-Shea and Dvora Yanow Interpretive Research Design : Concepts and Processes Routledge 2012
19 Vidyarashmi Pelattadka and others (eds.) Katha Chaitra Top 25 Kathegalu (Kannada) Sawanna 2019
20 Shivakumar Maavali Know More English (Kannada) Sawanna 2021
21 Manish Gaekwad Lean days HarperCollins 2018
22 Sarbajit Sen and others (eds.) Longform, 2022 : an anthology of graphic narratives Penguin 2022
23 Lata Mani Myriad intimacies Duke University Press 2022
24 Jogi Naanu Badava Naane Sukhi (Kannada) Sawanna 2020
25 Jogi Naanu Parvathi (Kannada) 2017
26 N. Someshwar O Nanna Chetana (Kannada) Sawanna 2013
27 Jogi Ondhaanondhu ooralli (Kannada) Sawanna 2018
28 Jessica Abel Out on the wire : the storytelling secrets of the new masters of radio Broadway Books 2015
29 Sibaji Bandopadhyay Panchali: the game of dice Penguin 2022
30 Shashi Tharoor Pax Indica: India and the world of the 21st century Penguin Random House 2012
31 Nikhil Menon Planning Democracy: How a Professor, an Institute, and an Idea Shaped India Penguin 2022
32 George Orwell Politics and the English language Penguin 2013
33 Gangavathi Pranesh Pranesh Prapancha (Kannada) Sawanna 2017
34 Rohini Nilekani Samaaj, Sarkaar, Bazaar (Society, State, Markets): a citizen-first approach Notion Press 2022
35 Robert Goodspeed Scenario planning for cities and regions : managing and envisioning uncertain futures Lincoln Institute of Land Policy 2020
36 Elizabeth Wilson Sphinx in the City University of California Press 1991
37 Cole Nussbauber Knaflic Storytelling with data: a data visualization guide for business professionals Wiley 2015
38 Rakesh Basant The black box: innovation and public policy in India Penguin 2021
39 Douglas Adams The Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy: volume one in the trilogy of five Pan Books Ltd. 2020
40 Alec Ross The industries of the future Simon & Schuster 2016
41 Laila Lalami The other Americans Bloomsbury Circus 2019
42 Damon Galgut The promise Vintage Digital 2021
43 Rhonda Byrne The Secret (Volume 1) (The Secret Library) Atria Books 2018
44 Shon Faye The transgender issue : an argument for justice Allen Lane 2021
45 Geetanjali Shree Tomb of sand Penguin Random House India 2022
46 Vijayanath Shenoy, Harish Pai and Priya Ganapathi Traditional restored structures Hasta Shilpa Heritage Village Museum, Hasta Shilpa Trust, Manipal 2022
47 Armand Mattelart Transnationals and the Third World Transnationals & the Third World : the struggle for culture. Bergin & Garvey 1983
48 Wangari Maathai Unbowed: a memoir Anchor Books 2007
49 George Magnus Uprising : will emerging markets shape or shake the world economy? John Wiley and Sons 2011
50 Dominic Davies Urban comics : infrastructure and the global city in contemporary graphic narratives Routledge 2020
51 Kevin Hey and John Sheldrake (eds.) Urban transport Routledge 1997
52 Brian A. Rock Ventilation for environmental tobacco smoke Elsevier 2006
Journals & Article Highlights
1 Leadership in a Politically Charged Age Harvard Business Review, September- October 2022 Harvard Business Publishing 2022
2 Agricultural Federalism – New Facts, Constitutional Vision Economic & Political Weekly, V.57, No. 3 Sameeksha Trust 2022
3 Efficacious piezoelectric energy harvesting, including storage from low-frequency non-periodic bridge vibrations Current Science, V.123, Issue 4 Current Science Association 2022
4 WITHERING HIMALAYA: a symposium on addressing the challenges facing the mountains and its people Seminar, No. 757 Seminar Publications 2022
5 Rethinking urban storm water management through resilience – The case for using green infrastructure in our warming world Cities, Vol 128 Elsevier 2022
6 Green Magic: On Technologies of Enchantment at Apple’s Corporate Headquarters Public Culture, Vol 34, Issue 2 Duke University Press 2022
7 Water and sanitation service levels in urban informal settlements: a case study of Portee-Rokupa in Freetown, Sierra Leone Journal of Water Sanitation and Hygiene for Development, Vol 12, Issue 8 IWA 2022
8 How Much do Households Spend on Professional Higher Education in India? Results from a National Survey Indian Journal of Human Development, Vol 16, Issue 1 Sage 2022
9 Differentiation, Integration and Exclusion: Dynamics and Challenges to Nation-Building Sociological Bulletin, Vol 71, Issue 3 Sage 2022
10 Marginality: A Critical Review of the Concept Review of Development and Change, Vol 27, Issue 1 Sage 2022
11 Climate Refugees in India: A Wake-up Call for an Inclusive Policy India Quarterly: A Journal of International Affairs, Vol 78, Issue 2 Sage 2022
12 The role of network participation in climate change mitigation: a city-level analysis International Journal of Urban Sustainable Development, Vol 14, Issue 1 Taylor & Francis 2022
13 Provincializing planning: Reflections on spatial ordering and imperial power Planning Theory, Vol 21, Issue 3 Sage 2022
14 Literary and religious history from the middle: Merchants and bhakti in early modern North India The Indian Economic & Social History Review, Vol 59, Issue 3 Sage 2022
Sl. No. Author Title Publisher Year
Highlights of the Month
1 Va Kītā Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar and the question of socialism in India Palgrave Macmillan 2021
2 Wendy Harcourt and others Feminist Methodologies: experiments, collaborations and reflections Palgrave Macmillan 2022
3 United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction Global assessment report on disaster risk reduction 2022; our world at risk: transforming governance for a resilient future United Nations 2022
4 Eran Friedler and others Greywater reuse CRC Press 2015
5 Nick F Gray Natural wastewater treatment systems and sustainability World Scientific 2022
6 Eunice Seng Resistant city : histories, maps and the architecture of development World Scientific 2020
7 Graciela Chichilnisky and Peter Bal Reversing climate change: how carbon removals can resolve climate change and fix the economy World Scientific 2019
8 Paul A Argenti Strategic corporate communication : a global approach for doing business in the new India McGraw-Hill 2009
9 Basant Maheshwari, Ramesh Purohit, Hector Malano, Vijay P. Singh, Priyanie Amerasinghe, editors. The security of water, food, energy and liveability of cities : challenges and opportunities for peri-urban futures Springer 2014
10 Paul L Knox and Linda McCarthy Urbanization: an introduction to urban geography Pearson 2012
1 Jogi Aahaara Udhyamadalli Gelluvudhu Hege? (Kannada) Sawanna 2018
2 Barbara Kingsolver, Camille Kingsolver and Steven L Hopp Animal, vegetable, miracle: a year of food life Harper Perennial 2018
3 Meghana Sudhindra Bengaluru Colors (Kannada) Sawanna 2021
4 Kyle Buchanan Blood, sweat and chrome: the wild and true story of Madmax: fury road William Morrow 2022
5 Pushpa Sundar Business and Community: The Story of Corporate Social Responsibility in India Sage Publications 2013
6 N Sandhya Rani Cinimaayaloka (Kannada) Sawanna 2021
7 P. D. Smith City: A Guidebook for the Urban Age Bloomsbury 2012
8 Asha Kaul and Vidhi Chaudhri Corporate communication through social media : strategies for managing reputation SAGE Publications India Pvt Ltd 2017
9 Jaishri Jethwaney Corporate Communication: Principles And Practice Sage| TEXTS 2018
10 Narendar Pani Dynamics of difference : inequality and transformation in rural India Routledge 2022
11 Eric R. Wolf Europe and the People Without History University of California Press 2010
12 Phil M. Jones Exactly What to Say : The Magic Words for Influence and Impact Page Two Books 2017
13 Christopher J Bosso Feeding cities : improving local food access, security, and resilience. Routledge 2017
14 CJ Lim Food city Routledge 2014
15 Eila Jeronen Geography Education Promoting Sustainability. MDPI 2020
16 Fiona Nunan Governing renewable natural resources : theories and frameworks Routledge 2020
17 Brothers Grimm Grimm’s fairy tales Vintage Children’s Classics 2013
18 Virupaksha Devaramane Hogi Baa Magale (Kannada) Sawanna 2018
19 Monica Ali In the kitchen: a novel Scribner 2010
20 Ruchika Tulshyan Inclusion on purpose: an intersectional approach to creating a culture of belonging at work The MIT Press 2022
21 M. Lakshmikanth Indian polity: for civil services and other state examinations Mcgraw Hill Education 2022
22 Nandini Heddurga Inthi Ninnavale Aada… (Kannada) Sawanna 2021
23 Prakash Rai Iruvudellava Bittu (Kannada) Sawanna 2018
24 Prakash Iyer (Author), Dr. Mahabaleshwara Rao (Translator) Janamana Nayaka (Kannada) Sawanna 2018
25 Jogi Kathe Chitrakathe Sambhashane (Kannada) Sawanna 2016
26 Mrudula Garg Kathgulab (Hindi) Milind Prakashan [2003]
27 Ruthuparna Sharma (Author), H C Natesh Babu (Translator) Life Super Guruu (Kannada) Sawanna 2019
28 Jagadisha Sharma Sampa Mahabharata HeLiyoo HeLaddu (Kannada) Sawanna 2021
29 Dr. Virupaksha Devaramane and others Makkallathra Maathadi Please (Kannada) Sawanna 2021
30 Jim Downs Maladies of empire : how colonialism, slavery, and war transformed medicine The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press 2021
31 Ursula Smartt and Harold Evans Media law for journalists Sage Publications 2006
32 R. B. Bhagat, Archana K. Roy and Harihar Sahoo (eds.) Migration and urban transition in India: a development perspectives Routledge 2021
33 Gangavathi Pranesh Nagtha Nali Altha Kali (Kannada) Sawanna 2020
34 Gangavathi Pranesh Nakkare Akkare (Kannada) Sawanna 2019
35 Jogi Neevu Devarannu Nambabedi (Kannada) Sawanna 2020
36 Punyatoya Patra and others Perspectives in human geography Concept Publishing Company Pvt. Ltd. 2021
37 Marsha Mehran Pomegranate soup: a novel Random House Trade Paperbacks 2006
38 Hyŏn-hun Yi and Donghyun Park Post-COVID Asia : deglobalization, fourth industrial revolution, and sustainable development World Scientific 2021
39 Rudolf Beger Present-day corporate communication: a practice-oriented, state-of-the-art guide Springer 2018
40 Katte Gururaj Rajkumar Matthashtu Mukhagalu (Kannada) Sawanna 2020
41 Qihao Weng (ed.) Remote Sensing Time Series Image Processing (Imaging Science) CRC Press 2018
42 Rob Roggema Sustainable urban agriculture and food planning Routledge 2018
43 Virupaksha Devaramane Thank You Teacher…(Kannada) Sawanna 2020
44 Roman Mars The 99% invisible city: a field guide to the hidden world of everyday design Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 2020
45 Monique Truong The book of salt Houghton Mifflin Company 2003
46 Heather Hepler The cupcake queen Dutton Children’s Books 2009
47 Kalaiyarasan A, Vijayabaskar M The Dravidian Model: Interpreting the Political Economy of Tamil Nadu Cambridge University Press 2021
48 Monte Lai The food cure : clinically proven antioxidant foods to prevent and treat chronic diseases and conditions World Scientific 2020
49 Wajid Ali Shah The last king in India Viking 2014
50 Arthur der Andrew Weduwen Pettegree The Library: A Fragile History Profile Books 2022
51 Ali Hazelwood The Love Hypothesis Sphere 2021
52 Rashmi Sadana The Moving City: Scenes from the Delhi Metro and the Social Life of Infrastructure University of California Press 2022
53 Wlwna Armas The Spanish Love Deception Simon & Schuster 2021
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63 ಹೆಚ್ ಜಿ ರಾಧಾದೇವಿ ಬೀಸಿ ಬಂದ ತಂಗಾಳಿ = Beesi Banda Tangali ಶ್ರೀ ಲಕ್ಷ್ಮೀವೆಂಕಟೇಶ್ವರ ಪ್ರಕಾಶನ 1995
64 ತ ರಾ ಸು ಮಾರ್ಗದರ್ಶಿ – ಭಾಗ್ಯಶಿಲ್ಪಿ – ಬೆಳಕಿನ ಬೀದಿ = Margadarshi – Bhagyashilpi – Belakina Beedi ಹೇಮಂತ ಸಾಹಿತ್ಯ 1957
65 ತ ರಾ ಸು ಮೊದಲ ನೋಟ – ಗೃಹಪ್ರವೇಶ – ರಾಜೇಶ್ವರಿ = Modala Nota – Gruhapravesh – Rajeshwari ಹೇಮಂತ ಸಾಹಿತ್ಯ 2005
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