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Recently acquired titles in the IIHS Library are available to readers to loan. Here is the list and these can be searched in the Library Catalogue as well.

April 2017

Sl. No. Author Title Publisher Year
Highlights of the Month
1 Veronique Dupont and others (eds.) The politics of slums in the global south : urban informality in Brazil, India, South Africa and Peru Routledge 2016
2 Kanekanti Chandrashekar Smitha (ed.) Entrepreneurial urbanism in India: the politics of spatial restructuring and local contestation Springer 2017
3 Chris Butler Henri Lefebvre: spatial politics, everyday life and the right to the city Routledge 2012
4 Peter Hall Cities in civilisation Fromm International 1998
5 Alan Wilson The science of cities and regions: lectures on mathematical model design Springer 2012
6 Sharad Mahakan (Exec. Dir.) Pune Slum atlas MASHAL, SRA, UCD and CHF International [2011]
7 Sibyl Moholy-Nagy The matrix of man: illustrated history of urban environment Frederick A. Praeger, Publishers 1968
8 Raymond L. Bryant (ed.) The international handbook of political ecology Edward Elgar 2017
9 Masahisa Futija, Paul Krugman, and Anthony J. Venables The spatial economy: cities, regions and international trade The MIT Press 2001
10 Sanjay Kak (ed.) Witness: Kashmir 1986-2016 Yaarbal 2017
1 Bina Paul and others 13th IAWRT Asian Women’s Film Festival, 2-4 March 2017, India International Centre, New Delhi IAERT 2017
2 Jerry Pinto (ed.) A book of light: when a loved one has a different mind Speaking Tiger Publishing 2016
3 Nithyananda University Press (ed.) Avatar Shastra: the science of descent vol. 1 Nithyananda University Press 2016
4 Shivashankar Menon Choices: inside the making of India’s foreign policy Allen Lane 2016
5 United Nations Human Settlements Programme Cities and Climate Change: Global Report on Human Settlements Earthscan| Routledge 2011
6 H. L. A. Hart Concept of law, 3rd Edition Oxford University Press 2012
7 James Sumberg and John Thmpson (eds.) Contested agronomy: agricultural research in a changing world Earthscan| Routledge 2012
8 Cal Newport Deep work: rules for focused success in a distracted world Piactus 2016
9 K. Sujatha Rao Do we care?: India’s health system Oxford University Press 2017
10 Melissa Leach, Ian Scoones and Andy Stirling Dynamic sustainabilities: technology, environment, social justice Earthscan| Routledge 2010
11 Queeny Pradhan Empire in the hills: Simla, Darjeeling, Ootacamund, and Mount Abu, 1820–1920 Oxford University Press 2017
12 Bolwar Mahamad Kunhi Gandhi: from Monu to Mahatma Kadalu 2011
13 Vivek Shanbhag Ghachar Ghochar HarperCollins Publishers India 2012
14 Akshaya Mukul Gita Press and the making of Hindu India HarperCollins Publishers India 2015
15 Vijay Trivedi Haar Nahin Manoonga HarperCollins Publishers India 2016
16 Vinay Sitapati Half Lion Penguin Books India Pvt. Ltd. 2016
17 Bryan Basham, Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates Head first servlets and JSP: passing the Sun Certified Web Component Developer Exam O’Reilly| Shroff Publishers and Distributors Pvt. Ltd. 2008
18 Prerna Singh How solidarity works for welfare: subnationalism and social development in India Cambridge University Press 2015
19 Han Kang Human acts: a novel Portobello Books 2016
20 Sudharak Olwe In search of dignity and justice Spenta Multimedia, Mumbai 2014
21 New Media Wing (comp.) India a reference annual 2017 (Eng) Publications Division, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, GOI 2017
22 New Media Wing (comp.) India a reference annual 2017 (Hin) Publications Division, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, GOI 2017
23 P. M. Mathew and others (eds.) India micro, small & medium enterprises report 2015 Institute of Small Enterprises and Development, Cochin 2015
24 Srinath Raghavan India’s War Allen Lane 2016
25 James Douet (ed.) Industrial heritage re-tooled the TICCIH guide to industrial heritage conservation The International Committee for the Conservation of the Industrial Heritage 2012
26 Vikram Jain, Subhash Chennuri, and Ashish Karamchandani Informal housing, inadequate property rights: understanding the needs of India’s informal housing dwellers FSG 2016
27 Cooperative Governance, CGTA, Republic of South Africa Integrated urban development framework: a new deal for south African cities and towns Cooperative Governance, CGTA, Republic of South Africa 2016
28 Cooperative Governance, CGTA, Republic of South Africa Integrated urban development framework: implementation plan 2016-2019 Cooperative Governance, CGTA, Republic of South Africa 2016
29 Amos Oz Judas Chatto and Windus, London 2014
30 Dharma Kumar Land and caste in south India: agricultural labour in the Madras presidency during the nineteenth century Cambridge University Press 1965
31 Tirthankar Roy and Anand V. Swamy Law and the economy in colonial India The University of Chicago Press 2016
32 Parth J. Shah and Naveen Mandava (eds.) Law, Liberty and Livelihood: Making a Living on the Street Academic Foundation 2005
33 Seth M. Siegel Let there be water: Israel’s solution for a water-starved world Thomas Dunne Books| St. Martin’s Press 2015
34 Anil Agarwal, Sunita Narain and Indira Khurana (eds.) Making water everybody’s business: practice and policy of water harvesting Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi 2001
35 Paramahamsa Nithyananda Manifesting Shaktis Nithyananda University Press 2016
36 Association of America, Modern Language MLA Handbook (8th ed.) The Modern Language Association of America 2016
37 Aditi De (ed.) Multiple city: writings on Bangalore Penguin Books India Pvt. Ltd. 2008
38 National Sao Jose dos Campos: O Ano Inteiro! Roteirobr 2014
39 Adonis Sufism and surrealism Saqi Books 2005
40 Amartya Sen The country of first boys: and other essays Oxford University Press 2015
41 Ji Xianlin The cowshed: memories of the cultural revolution New York Review of Books 2016
42 Lyla Mehta (ed.) The Limits to Scarcity: Contesting the Politics of Allocation Orient BlackSwan Pvt. Ltd. 2011
43 Sanjay Chakravorty, Devesh Kapur, and Nirvikar Singh The other one percent: Indians in America Oxford University Press 2017
44 Venu Madhav Govindu and Deepak Malghan The web of freedom: J. C. Kumarappa and Gandhi’s struggle for economic justice Oxford University Press 2016
45 The World Bank The World Bank in India vol. 15 no. 04 January 2017 The World Bank 2017
46 Andrew Brennan Thinking about nature: an investigation of nature, value and ecology Routledge 1988
47 Harper Lee To kill a Mockingbird Arrow Books 2010
48 Karthika Nair Until the Lions: Echoes from the Mahabharata HarperCollins Publishers India 2015
49 Shahab Ahmed What is Islam?: the importance of being Islamic Princeton University Press 2016
50 Jan-Werner Muller What is populism? University of Pennsylvania Press 2016
51 Milan Vaishnav When Crime Pays: Money and Muscle in Indian Politics HarperCollins Publishers India 2017
Films & Data
1 Nina Sabnani We make images (Ham chitra banaate hain) IDC, IIT Bombay 2016
2 Franziska Schonenberger and Jayakrishnan Subramanian Amma and Appa Franziska Schonenberger 2014
3 Sharad Mahakan (Exec. Dir.) Pune slum atlas MASHAL, SRA, UCD and CHF International [2011]
Journals & Article Highlights
1 Crisis of Faith : The nightmarish struggle to bring Asaram to justice The Caravan, Vol 9, Issue 4 Delhi Press Patra Prakashan 2017
2 Air Pollution Brings Down the Stock Market Harvard Business Review, Vol 12, No. 2 Harvard Business Publishing 2017
3 Waste-to-Energy and Recycling – Competing Systems of Waste Management in Urban India Economic & Political Weekly, V.52, No. 13 Sameeksha Trust 2017
4 Data analytics: India needs an agency for health data Current Science, V.112, Issue 6 Current Science Association 2017
5 THE MODERN MAGAZINE : a symposium on the magazine in modern India,
its genre, form and political space
Seminar, No. 690 Seminar Publications 2017
6 The role of land planning policies in supporting housing affordability: The case of the Gaza Strip Land Use Policy, Vol 62 Elsevier 2017
7 Implementing integrated water management: illustrations from the Grand River watershed International Journal of Water Resources Development, Vol 33, Issue 3 Taylor & Francis 2017
8 Horizontal Approach to Assess the Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources Systems Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management, Vol 143, No. 4 American Society of Civil Engineers 2017
9 Migration in response to climate change and its impact in China International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management, Vol 9, Issue 3 Emerald 2017
10 Smart energy city development: A story told by urban planners Cities, Vol 64 Elsevier 2017
11 The use of building technology to support disaster resilience: the case study of air shelter house International Journal of Disaster Resilience in the Built Environment, Vol 8, Issue 2 Emerald 2017
12 The Evolution of Neoliberal Urbanism in Moscow, 1992–2015 Antipode: A Radical Journal of Geography, Vol 49, Issue 2 Wiley 2017
13 Disaster risk, social vulnerability, and economic development Disasters, Vol 41, Issue 2 Wiley 2017
14 The Great Divide: exploring the divergence between urban metabolism in theory and practice in water supply system in Bengaluru International Journal of Urban Sustainable Development, Vol 9, Issue 1 Taylor & Francis 2017
15 Street Art and the Changing Urban Public Sphere Public Culture, Vol 29, No. 2 82 Duke University Press 2017

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