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Recently acquired titles in the IIHS Library are available to readers to loan. Here is the list and these can be searched in the Library Catalogue as well.

November 2017

Sl. No. Author Title Publisher Year
Highlights of the Month
1 Clive L. Spach (ed.) Routledge handbook of ecological economics: nature and society Routledge 2017
2 Dave Randall, Richard Harper and Mark Rouncefield Fieldwork for design: theory and practice Springer 2010
3 Janine Wilhelm Environment and pollution in colonial India: sewerage technologies along the sacred Ganges Routledge 2016
4 Anant Kamath Industrial innovation, networks, and economic development: informal information sharing in low-technology clusters in India Routledge 2015
5 Kapila D. Silva and Amita Sinha (eds.) Cultural landscapes of south Asia: studies in heritage conservation and management Routledge 2017
6 Sisie Moloney, Hartut Fuenfgeld and Mikael Granberg (eds.) Local action on climate change: opportunities and constraints Routledge 2017
7 Kath Wellman and Marcus Spiller (eds.) Urban infrastructure: finance and management John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 2012
8 Heba Allah Essam E. Khalil and Essam E. Khalil Energy efficiency in the urban environment CRC Press 2015
9 Yashaswini Sharma Bangalore: the early city: AD 1537 – 1799 Partridge India 2016
10 Sarah Witham Bednarz and others Geography for life: National Geography Standards 1994 National Geographic Research and Exploration 1994
1 Tom Butler-Bowdon 50 economics classics Nicholas Brealey Publishing 2017
2 Lene Tanggaard and Charlotte Wegener A survival kit for doctoral students and their supervisors: traveling the landscape of research Sage 2017
3 Patricia S. Daniels and Stephen G. Hyslop Almanac of world history National Geographic Society 2014
4 Christopher Tunnard and Henry Hope Reed American skyline: the growth and form of our cities and towns Mentor Book 1956
5 Sujatha Gidla Ants among elephants: an untouchable family and the making of modern India Farrar, Straus and Giroux 2017
6 Chandrahas Choudhury Arzee the dwarf HarperCollins Publishers India 2012
7 S. L. Bhairappa Avarana: the veil Rupa Publications India Pvt. Ltd. 2014
8 Annette Susannah Beveridge (trans.) Babarnama: a memoir Rupa Publications India Pvt. Ltd. 2017
9 Stanley Carvalho (ed.) Bangalore blue: a bunch of nostalgic tales for and by true-blue Bangaloreans Asian Trading Corporation 2013
10 K. K. Ramamurthy Bangalore, Brooklyn and beyond: a look at life, people and arts : a collection of essays Select Books, Bangalore 2016
11 Guy Standing Basic income: and how we can make it happen Penguin Random House UK 2017
12 Anna Chandy Battles in the mind: conquering and winning over emotional pain Ebury Press 2017
13 James M. Campbell (ed.) Belgaum district gazetteer Government of Karnataka 1864
14 Deepak Chopra Beyond Graphic India Pte. Ltd. 2016
15 S. A. Jeelani (ed.) Bijapur district gazetteer (Bagalkot district included) (rev. ed.) Government of Karnataka 2006
16 Geoffrey Moorhouse Calcutta: the city revealed Penguin Books Ltd. 1974
17 R. A. Dutch Census of India 1941, Bengal – tables (vol. IV) Manager of Publications, Delhi 1942
18 Rangal Census of India 1941, Gwalior part II-tables (vol. XX) Census Commissioner, Gwalior State 1944
19 I. D. Scott Census of India 1941, North West Frontier Province: tables (vol. X) Manager of Publications, Delhi 1942
20 Nick Bailey Chelsea Physic Garden: connecting people with plants since 1673… Chelsea Physic Garden, London 2015
21 Asha Bajpai Child rights in India: law, policy, and practice Oxford University Press 2017
22 Harriet Bulkeley and Michele Betsill Cities and climate change: urban sustainability and global environmental governance Routledge 2003
23 Ugo Rossi Cities in global capitalism Polity Press 2017
24 Emily Talen City rules: how regulations affect urban form Island Press 2012
25 Rob Franek and others (eds.) Cracking the GRE (2018 ed.) Penguin Random House 2017
26 S. Anees Siraj (ed.) Dakshina Kannada district gazetteer (rev. ed.) Karnataka Gazetteer  Department, Bengaluru 2011
27 Anuradha Mathur and Dilip Da Cunha Deccan traverses Rupa Publications India Pvt. Ltd. 2006
28 John Martinussen Democracy, competition and choice: emerging local self-government in Nepal Sage 1995
29 T. A. Parthasarathy (ed.) Dharwad district gazetteer (including Gadag and Haveri districts) (rev. ed.) Government of Karnataka 2002
30 Sarah Pink and others Digital ethnography: principles and practice Sage 2016
31 K. Balasubramanyam District census handbook : Chitradurga District (Census of India, 1961 – Mysore State) Director of Printing, Stationary and Publications, Bangalore 1967
32 K. Balasubramanyam District census handbook : Raichur District (Census of India, 1961 – Mysore State) Director of Printing, Stationary and Publications, Bangalore 1967
33 Richard P. Smiraglia Domain analysis for knowledge organization: tools for ontology extraction Chandos Publishing 2015
34 Brian Tracy Eat that frog!: 21 great ways to stop procrastinating and get more done in less time Berrett-Koehler Publishers Inc. 2017
35 Ministry of finance, Dept. of Economic Affairs, Economic Division Economic survey: 1994-95 Government of India [1995]
36 Alfred Mill Economics 101: from consumer behavior to competitive markets – everything you need to know about economics Adams Media 2016
37 Henry Hazlitt Economy is one less: the shortest and surest way to understand basic economics Crown Publishers Inc. 1979
38 Murul Islam Exploration in development issues: selected articles of Nurul Islam Academic Foundation 2005
39 Tim Harford Fifty things that made the modern economy Little, Brown 2017
40 Sunetra Roday Food science and nutrition (2nd ed.) Oxford University Press 2012
41 Victor Kierman (trans.) From Volga to Ganga: a picture in nineteen stories of the historical, economic and political evolution of the human society from 6,000 B.C. to 1922 A.D. Pilgrims Publishing 2006
42 Martine Agassi Hands are Not for Hitting Free Spirit Publishing 2006
43 Peter Wohlleben Hidden life of trees Allen Lane 2016
44 P. C. Wren and H. Martin High school English grammar and composition Blackie ELT Books 2016
45 Gyanendra Pandey (ed.) Hindus and others: the question of identity in India today Viking 1993
46 Rabindranath Tagore Home and world Penguin Books India Pvt. Ltd. 2005
47 Karnataka Gazetteer Department, Bengaluru Imperial gazetteer of India provincial series Hyderabad State: Bidar district gazetteer Government of Karnataka 2011
48 Karnataka Gazetteer Department, Bengaluru Imperial gazetteer of India provincial series Hyderabad State: Gulbarga district gazetteer Government of Karnataka 2011
49 Karnataka Gazetteer Department, Bengaluru Imperial gazetteer of India provincial series Hyderabad State: Raichur district gazetteer Government of Karnataka 2011
50 E. S. Venkataramiah and P. M. Bakshi India federalism: a comparative study B. V. Nagarathna 1992
51 Vijay Joshi and I. M. D. Little India’s economic reforms: 1991-2001 Oxford University Press 1998
52 Waltraud Ernst and Biswamoy Pati (eds.) India’s princely states: people, princes and colonialism Routledge 2007
53 Sagarika Ghose Indira: India’s Most Powerful Prime Minister Juggernaut Books 2017
54 Angela Saini Inferior: how science got women wrong and the new research that’s rewriting the story 4th Estate 2017
55 Damon P. Coppola Introduction to international disaster management Elsevier Inc. 2011
56 Vasant Kallola It’s okay to fail, my son Bennett, Coleman and Co. Ltd. 2015
57 Supriya Sehgal Karnataka on the road: experience Bennett, Coleman and Co. Ltd. 2016
58 S. Anees Siraj (ed.) Kolar district gazetteer Karnataka Gazetteer  Department, Bengaluru 2011
59 Devanoora Mahadeva Kusumabale Oxford University Press 2015
60 Jonathan Pattenden Labour state and society in rural India: a cross-relational approach Esha Peteillee 2017
61 M. V. Durga Prasad Law relating to real estate regulation in India Asia Law House 2017
62 Nidhi Razdan (ed.) Left, right and centre: the idea of India Penguin Random House 2017
63 Hans Schenk (ed.) Living in India’s slums: a case study of Bangalore Manohar Publishers and Distributors 2001
64 Apostolos Doxiadis and Christos H. Papadimitriou Logicomix: an epic search for truth Bloomsbury Publishing 2009
65 Robert Bucholz London: a short history of the greatest city in the western world: course guidebook The Great Courses 2009
66 Robert W. Bly Make every second count: time management tips and techniques for more success with less stress Career Press 2010
67 Rob Franek and others (eds.) Math workout for GRE (4th ed.) Penguin Random House 2017
68 M. Visvesvaraya Memoirs of my working life Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, GOI 1960
69 O. R. Krishnaswami and M. Ranganatham Methodology of research in social sciences Himalaya Publishing House 2016
70 W. J. Wilkins Modern Hinduism: an account of the religion and life of the Hindus in northern India B. R. Publishing Corporation 1887
71 Robyn Harding Mom, will this chicken give me man boobs?: my confused, guilt-ridden and stressful struggle to raise a green family Greystone Books 2009
72 Twinkle Khanna Mrs. funny bones: Twinkle Khanna Penguin Random House India Pvt. Ltd. 2015
73 Bharat Joshi Navigating India: $18 trillion opportunity Rupa Publications India Pvt. Ltd. 2017
74 Michael Brecher Nehru: a political biography Oxford University Press 1998
75 Intizar Husain Once there was a city named Dilli Yoda Press 2017
76 M. Swaminathan and R. K. Bhagavan Our food Ganesh & Co. (Madras) Private Ltd. 1969
77 [Sudha Gupta (Author)] Panchatantra for children (collector’s edition) B. Jain Publishers (P) Ltd. [2017]
78 Arthur W. Ryder (trans.) Panchatantra: translated from the Sanskrit Jaico Publishing House 1998
79 Kate Evans Pathways through writing blocks in the academic environment Sense Publishers 2013
80 F. Kaid Benfield People habitat: 25 ways to think about greener, healthier cities People Habitat Communications 2014
81 Norman Cousins (ed.) Profiles of Gandhi: America remembers a world leader Indian Book Company 1969
82 Dipankar Gupta Q.E.D. (Quod Erat Demonstrandum): India tests social theory Oxford University Press 2017
83 S. N. Raju Rapidex English-Kannada dictionary with usages Rapidex Publications 2014
84 Lin Crase and Vasant P. Gandhi (eds.) Reforming institutions in water resource management: policy and performance for sustainable development Routledge 2009
85 Roger E. Kasperson Risk conundrums: solving unsolvable problems Earthscan | Routledge 2017
86 Dean Curran Risk, power, and inequality in the 21st century Palgrave Macmillan 2016
87 Fikret Berkes Sacred ecology (3rd ed.) Routledge 2012
88 Lata Ramaswamy and others Select Indian poets: an anthology Select Books, Bangalore 2017
89 Amish Sita: warrior of Mithila Westland Publications Ltd 2017
90 M. N. Srinivas Social change in modern India Orient Longman Private Limited 1966
91 C. N. Shankar Rao Sociology: principles of sociology with an introduction to social thought S. Chand and Company Pvt. Ltd. 2009
92 Diana L Eck and Devaki Jain (eds.) Speaking of faith: cross-cultural perspectives on women, religion and social change The Women’s Press 1986
93 E. B. White Stuart little Puffin Books 1945
94 Lisa Thomas and others (ed.) Student world atlas: essential reference for students of all ages Dorling Kindersley Limited 2017
95 Arnab Ray Sultan of Delhi: ascension Hachette Book Publishing India Pvt. Ltd. 2016
96 Raghav Shreyas Table by the window Raintree Media Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore 2010
97 Anoop Modi and Mahesh Gupta Taxmann’s GST practice manual Taxmann Publications (P) Ltd. 2017
98 Jonathan P. Allen Technology and inequality concentrated wealth in a digital world Palgrave Macmillan 2017
99 Anurag Mehta Tell me about the story of India: the saga of 5,000 years retold Nita Mehta Publications 2013
100 Georgia Palffy, Sam Atkinson and others (eds.) The art book Penguin Random House 2017
101 Lisa Williamson The art of being normal David Fickling Book 2015
102 Alice Walker The color purple Weidenfeld and Nicolson 2007
103 David Hardiman The coming of the Devi: Adivasi assertion in western India Oxford University Press 1995
104 D. D. Kosambi The culture and civilisation of ancient India in historical outline Vikas Publishing House Pvt. Ltd. 1998
105 Edouard Louis and Michael Lucey (trans.) The end of Eddy Harvill Secker 2017
106 Khushwant Singh The fall of the kingdom of the Punjab Penguin Random House India Pvt. Ltd. 2017
107 Edward Moor The Hindu pantheon: the court of all Hindu Gods Indigo Books 2002
108 S. Radhakrishnan The Hindu view of life HarperCollins Publishers India 2009
109 Narayana and A. N. D. Haksar (trans.) The Hitopadesha Penguin Books 1998
110 Jim Corbett The Jim Corbett omnibus II Rupa Publications India Pvt. Ltd. 2017
111 Educational Testing Service The official guide to the GRE general test McGraw-Hill Education (India) Pvt. Ltd. 2017
112 Sarah Waters The paying guests Virago Press 2015
113 Karen Kelsky The professor is in: the essential guide to turning your Ph.D. into a job Three Rivers Press 2015
114 Sam Atkinson, Sarah Tomley and others (eds.) The psychology book Dorling Kindersley Limited 2012
115 Gotham Chopra The Sadhu: birth of the warrior Sharad Devarajan 2016
116 Geoffrey West The universal laws of growth, innovation and scale Weidenfeld and Nicolson 2017
117 Mary J Huth The urban habitat: past, present and future Basic Books Inc. 1970
118 S. Subbarayalu The zoo story: the setting-up of the Vandalur Zoo and my experiences with its wild inmates S. Subbarayalu [1985]
119 R. Champakalakshmi Trade ideology and urbanization: south India 300 BC to AD1300 Oxford University Press 1999
120 S. Anees Siraj (ed.) Udupi district gazetteer Karnataka Gazetteer  Department, Bengaluru 2012
121 Sanjeev Vidyarthi, Shishir Mathur, and Sandeep Agrawal Understanding India’s new approach to spatial planning and development: a salient shift? Oxford University Press 2017
122 Arthur B. Gallion and Simon Eisner Urban pattern: city planning and design Van Nostrand Reinhold Company 1963
123 Simon Melhuish and Sarah Well (eds.) Urban survival: interactive quiz The Lagoon Group 2004
124 Rob Franek and others (eds.) Verbal workout for the GRE Penguin Random House India Pvt. Ltd. 2017
125 H. G. Wells War of the worlds Fingerprint Classics 2015
126 Grapewine India World’s greatest short stories Grapewine India Publishers Pvt. Ltd. 2016
127 ವಾಸನ್ ಪಬ್ಲಿಕೇಷನ್ಸ್ ಭಾರತ ರೋಡ್ ಅಟ್ಲಾಸ್ ವಾಸನ್ ಪಬ್ಲಿಕೇಷನ್ಸ್ 2015
128 Indian Map Service ಶಾಲಾ ಅಟ್ಲಾಸ್: ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ ಆವೃತ್ತಿ Indian Map Service [2016]
A-V Resources
1 M. V. Durga Prasad Law relating to real estate regulation in India Asia Law House 2017
2 Avijit Mukul Kishore and Rohan Shivkumar Nostalgia for the future Avijit Mukul Kishore 2017
Cartographic Materials
1 National Hydrographic Office, Dehradun India-West coast: Approaches to Kochi National Hydrographic Office, Dehradun 2016
2 National Hydrographic Office, Dehradun India-West coast: Ulwa channel National Hydrographic Office, Dehradun 2016
3 Directoriate of Census operations, Andhrapradesh Census of India 2011: Andhra Pradesh District Krishna Vijayawada Municipal Corporation: Number of Wards: 78 Directoriate of Census operations, Andhrapradesh [2011]
4 Directoriate of Census operations, Andhrapradesh Census of India 2011: Andhra Pradesh District Visakhapatnam Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation: Number of Wards: 72 Directoriate of Census operations, Andhrapradesh [2011]
5 Directoriate of Census operations, Andhrapradesh Census of India 2011: Andhra Pradesh District Hyderabad Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation: Number of Wards: 150 Directoriate of Census operations, Andhrapradesh [2011]
Journals & Article Highlights
1 The age of ABVP The Caravan, Vol 9, Issue 10 Delhi Press Patra Prakashan 2017
2 Why Every Organization Needs an Augmented Reality Strategy Harvard Business Review, Vol 12, No. 5 Harvard Business Publishing 2017
3 Why India’s Foreign Investments in Africa’s Hydrocarbons Are Not a Good Bet Economic & Political Weekly, V.52, No. 42-43 Sameeksha Trust 2017
4 Problems of school science education in India Current Science, V.113, Issue 8 Current Science Association 2017
5 A NEW INDIA: a symposium on the current political dominance of the BJP Seminar, No. 699 Seminar Publications 2017
6 From new evidence to better practice: finding the sanitation sweet spot Waterlines, Vol 36, Issue 4 Practical Action Publishing 2017
7 Anti-corruption in Chinese urban planning: The case of adjusting FAR Cities, Vol 70 Elsevier 2017
8 Policy options for promoting urban–rural cooperation in water management: a review International Journal of Water Resources Development, Vol 33, Issue 6 Taylor & Francis 2017
9 How compatible are urban livestock and urban green spaces and trees? An assessment in a medium-sized South African town International Journal of Urban Sustainable Development, Vol 9, Issue 3 Taylor & Francis 2017
10 Riding the Rhino: Conservation, Conflicts, and Militarisation of Kaziranga National Park in Assam Antipode, Vol 49, Issue 5 Wiley 2017
11 Existential provisions: The technopolitics of public infrastructure Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, Vol 35, Issue 5 Sage Publications India Pvt. Ltd. 2017
12 Regional response to climate change and management: an analysis of Africa’s capacity International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management, Vol 9, Issue 6 Emerald  Group Publishing Limited 2017
13 “We Are Sensemakers”: The (Anti-)politics of Smart City Co-creation Public Culture, Vol 29, No. 3 83 Duke University Press 2017
14 Are municipal land use plans keeping pace with global climate change? Land Use Policy, Vol 68 Elsevier 2017
15 ‘Family matters’: Ageing and the intergenerational social contract in urban Ahmedabad, Gujarat Contributions to Indian Sociology, Vol 51, Issue 3 Sage Publications India Pvt. Ltd. 2017

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