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Recently acquired titles in the IIHS Library are available to readers to loan. Here is the list and these can be searched in the Library Catalogue as well.

January 2021

Sl. No. Author Title Publisher Year
Highlights of the Month
1 Richard Willson A guide for the idealist: launching and navigating your planning career Routledge 2018
2 Wendy Harcourt Body politics in development: critical debates in gender and development Zed Books 2009
3 Tuna Tasan-Kok & Mark Oranje (Eds.) From student to urban planner: young practitioners’ reflections on contemporary ethical challenges Routledge 2018
4 Peter J. Taylor, Pengfei Ni, Ben Derudder, Michael Hoyler, Jin Huang & Frank Witlox (Eds.) Global urban analysis: a survey of cities in globalization Routledge 2016
5 Usha Raman Hyderabad Disha Books 1991
6 Philip Allmendinger Planning theory (3rd edition) Palgrave Macmillan 2017
7 Ray Oldenburg The great good place: cafes, coffee shops, bookstores, bars, hair salons, and other hangouts at the heart of a community Da Capo Press 1989
8 Rana Tahseen Urban politics and administration Deep & Deep Publications 2019
9 Robert A. Caro Working: researching, interviewing, writing The Bodley Head 2019
10 Peter J. Taylor & Ben Derudder World city network: a global urban analysis Routledge 2016
1 David Davidar (ed.) A clutch of Indian masterpieces: extraordinary short stories from the 19th century to the present Aleph Book Company 2016
2 Usha K.R A girl and river Penguin 2007
3  Lewis Carroll Alice’s adventures in wonderland Niyogi Books 2020
4 Satischandra Chatterjee and Dhirendramohan Datta An introduction to Indian philosophy Rupa Publications India Pvt. Ltd. 2007
5 Kean Birch and Fabian Muniesa (eds.) Assetization: turning things into assets in technoscientific capitalism The MIT Press 2020
6 Arundhati Roy Azadi: freedom. fascism. fiction Penguin Random House India Pvt. Ltd. 2013
7 K K Ramamurthy Bangalore to Brooklyn: a look at the life, people and arts: a collection of essays Select Books 2012
8 Michael Edwardes British India: 1772- 1947 Rupa Publications India Pvt. Ltd. 1967
9 T M Thomas Isaac and Michelle Williams Building alternatives Left Word Books 2017
10 G S. Dikshit  (ed) Early Vijayanagara: studies in its history & culture B.M.S. Memorial Foundation 1988
11 Gerald Fross (editor) Editors on editing: what writers need to know about what editors do Grove Press 1993
12 Alok Kumar and Sushanta K. Chatterjee Electricity sector in India: policy and regulation Oxford University Press 2012
13 Sandeep Goel Financial markets, institutions and services PHI Learning Private Limited 2019
14 H H Gerth and C wright Mills From max weber: essays in sociology A Galaxy Book 1958
15 Mamta Mehrotra Gender inequality in India Prabhat Books 2013
16 Ranganath Geography of Karnataka (8th rev. ed.) Mysore Book House 2020
17 Usha Rajagopalan Get published: a handbook for writers in India Oxford University Press 2001
18 Dr Bharat Ram Glimpses of industrial India Manohar Publisher 1994
19 Mark Abrahamson Globalizing cities: a brief introduction Routledge 2020
20 Major D. P. Singha, V. R. Ferose, and Sriram Jagannathan Grit: the major story Hachette India 2019
21 Dr. Saryu Doshi (ed) Homage to Karnataka Marg Publications 1982
22 Simon Winchester How precision engineers created the modern world William Collins 2018
23 Ed Yong I contain multitudes: the microbes within us and a grander view of life Vintage 2016
24 Linda Gordon and Gary Y. Okihiro Impounded W. W. Norton and Company 2006
25 Abraham M George India untouched: the forgotten face of rural poverty East West Books (Madras) Pvt Ltd 2004
26 Madhav Khosla India’s founding moment: the constitution of a most surprising democracy Harvard University Press 2020
27 Governament of Karnataka Karnataka human development report 2015 Planning, Programme Monitoring and statistics Department 2018
28 Dr. B S Puttaswamy Kempegowda of Bengaluru Mathrubhumi Publications 2017
29 Shaveta Gagneja Land and real estate laws Wolters Kluwer 2020
30 Sheryl Sandberg Lean in: women, work, and the will to lead WH Allen 2015
31 V S Narayana Rao Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya: his life and work Geetha Book House 1973
32 Benjamin Lewis Rice Mysore inscriptions Mysore Government Press 1879
33 Janet Pott Old bungalows in Bangalore, south India 1977
34 Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Gregory Rabassa (trans.) One hundred years of solitude Penguin Random House India Pvt. Ltd. 1970
35 Geronimo Stilton Play it again, Mozart! Papercutz 2011
36 Mohit Bhattacharya Public administration The World Press Private Limited 2012
37 Jeffrey Paul (ed) Reading Nozick Rowman and Littlefield 1981
38 Ananya Mukherjee Tales from the tail end: my cancer diary Speaking Tiger 2019
39 Shashi Tharoor The battle of belonging: on nationalism, patriotism, and what it means to be Indian Aleph Book Company 2020
40 Helen Cunningham, Brenda Greene The business style handbook: an a-to-z guide for writing on the job with tips from communications experts at the fortune 500 McGraw-HillPublishing Company Limited 2003
41 Usha K.R The chosen Penguin 2003
42 Richard Horton The covid-19 catastrophe: what’s gone wrong and how to stop it happening again Polity Press 2020
43 Novella Carpendter and Willow Rosenthal The essential urban farmer Penguin Books 2011
44 Lawis Mumford The highway and the city A Mentor Book 1953
45 Sathpal Puliani (ed.) The Karnataka land laws (3rd ed.) Karnataka Law Journal Publications, Bengaluru 2020
46 Dhaval Monani, Sharadbala Joshi and Zeeshan The paradox of vacant houses in India: Ahmedabad city report Anant Centre for Sustainability 2020
47 John Brehm The poetry of impermanence mindfulness and joy Wisdom 2017
48 Simon Winchester The professor and the madman: a tale of murder, insanity, and the making of the oxford English dictionary Harper Collins 1998
49 Kamala Harris The truths we hold: an American journey The Bodley Head 2019
50 Vasundhara Filliozat The Vijayanagara empire National Book Trust 1977
51 Nisha Susan The women who forgot to invent Facebook and other stories Context 2020
52 Usha Rajagopalan The zoo in my backyard Manipal Universal Press 2020
53 Aditya Sondhi Unfinished symphony: a tribute to Bishop Cotton Boys’ School, Bangalore Penguin Books India Pvt Ltd 2003
54 Allana Depelchn Unveiling India: the early lensmen, 1850-1910 Mapin Publishing Pvt.Ltd 2014
55 Dana Cuff and others Urban humanities: new practices for reimagining the city The MIT Press 2020
56 Jordan Yin Urban planning for dummies Wiley 2012
57 Paul Knox & Steven Pinch Urban social geography: an introduction Routledge 2010
58 T. Vijayendra Vijutopias: dreams of local futures Sangtya 2020
59 Ruth Gruber Witness: one of the great correspondents of the twentieth century tells her story Schoken Books 2007
60 जीपीएच पैनल का विशेषज्ञों नगरीय समाजशास्‍त्र = Urban Sociology गली  बाबा प्रकाशन संस्था लिमिटेड 2018
61 जी.एस. घुर्ये भारत में जाति एवं प्रजाती =  Bharat Mein Jaati Evam Prajaati सेज भाषा 2018
62 ಕವಿತಾಕೃಷ್ಣ ಮಂಕುತಿಮ್ಮನ ಕಗ್ಗ ತನು ಮನು ಪ್ರಕಾಶನ 2016
63 ಬಿ. ಜಿ. ಎಲ್. ಸ್ವಾಮಿ ಹಸುರು ಹೊನ್ನು ವಸಂತ ಪ್ರಕಾಶನ 2018
Journals & Article Highlights
1 Child Labour and Social Exclusion – A Trade-theoretic Analysis Economic & Political Weekly, V.56, No. 1 Sameeksha Trust 2021
2 INDIA 2020: a symposium on the year that was Seminar, No. 709 Seminar Publications 2020
3 Urban planning trends on e-waste management in Ghanaian cities Cities, Vol 108 Elsevier 2021
4 Identifying agents of change for sustainable land governance Land Use Policy, Vol 100 Elsevier 2021
5 New revanchism and the urban undesirables Street-based sex workers of Bangalore City : analysis of urban trends, culture, theory, policy, action, Vol 24, Issue 5-6 Taylor & Francis 2020
6 Understanding sustainability transitions for urban informality in the Middle East International Journal of Urban Sustainable Development, Vol 12, Issue 3 Taylor & Francis 2020
7 Leaving Kashi: Sanskrit knowledge and cultures of consumption in eighteenth-century South India The Indian Economic & Social History Review, Vol 57, Issue 4 Sage Publications 2020
8 Dark Ages and Bright Futures: Youth, Disability, and Time in Kashmir Public Culture, Vol 32, No. 3 Duke University Press 2020
9 A Poverty Decomposition Analysis for the Northeastern Region of India Review of Development and Change, Vol 25, Issue 2 Sage Publications 2020
10 India’s Relations with China from the Doklam Crisis to the Galwan Tragedy India Quarterly: A Journal of International Affairs, Vol 76, Issue 4 Sage Publications 2020
11 It’s Time to Replace the Public Corporation Harvard Business Review, Jan – Feb 2021 Harvard Business Publishing 2021
12 Growth, Poverty, Inequality and Well-Being: Regional Contrast in India Indian Journal of Human Development, Vol 14, Issue 3 Sage Publications 2020
13 Sanitation dynamics: toilet acquisition and its economic and social implications in rural and urban contexts Journal of Water, Sanitation & Hygiene For Development, Vol 10, Issue 4 IWA 2020
14 Nepal–India water cooperation: consequences of mutuality or hegemony? Water Policy, Vol 22, Issue 6 IWA 2020
15 Cities and Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Moving Forward Urbanisation, Vol 5, Issue 1 Sage Publications 2020

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